Our Apps

Chat Message Tracker

Track Incoming chat messages of WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Hike, Hangout etc remotely.

Women Safety

Women Safety Android App helps notify friends and family members, of your location, picture of the surrounding (both front and back camera), Audio/Video of about 30 sec to 2 min and loud Siren, with just a push of a button.!

Track My Phones

One of the best anti-theft and remote tracking app in Google Play. The app users can track location of their phone from the website and send remote commands from the website or SMS to play loud sire, take pics, take videos, make a call, send SMS, enable/disable GPS, data connection, wifi, flash light, etc. When a user tries to unlock the phone and fails, the app takes a pic from front camera and mails the pic to the registered email Id.

Remote SMS & Call Tracker

Users can remotely track the calls made/received and SMS sent/received along with the location.

Tracking Smartphone

App to track phones and control it remotely from our website or using SMS. App uses Google Cloud Messaging to communicate with the website. Users can locate, call and SMS log, take and view pictures and videos, read browser history, change PIN, record audio and much more.

Remote Audio Recorder

Users can remotely record audio up to 20 min and get notified via mail and view online.

Remote Video Recorder

Users can remotely record video of 20 sec from front/back camera and get notified via mail and view online.

Remote Call Recorder

Users can remotely record calls, pull to your login and view it online.

Augmented Reality

Street Lens

Augmented reality app which shows places nearby. Application designed and developed keeping travelers in mind. The app shows the places around the user in Augmented reality way. User can see the place around him/her by just holding the mobile in that direction. Holding the mobile down will show the places in Google Map view and holding the mobile in portrait mode will show the places in list view. Uses Google Places APIs to get information on places nearby.


Secret of Happiness

An app which forces users to think positive. This app won awards from healthline.com and drippler.com because it has bought many out of depressions and forced many to think positive.

Om Chant

Om Chants for meditation with options to control the number of repetitions.


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