Fleet Tracker

Track your fleet or delivery boys real time for Free.

This android app needs to be installed on all fleet members. Once installed and activated it can be tracked by online from your login dashboard.

Register: http://trackmyphones.com/b/fleet-tracker-registration/

Login URL: http://trackmyphones.com/cgi-bin/fleet-tracking/index.cgi

App Download URL for Fleet: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tracker_apps.fleet_tracker

Steps to get your fleet tracking:

1. If you are a fleet owner, first register using the register link above.

2. Once registered, you can login using the login URL (http://trackmyphones.com/cgi-bin/fleet-tracking/index.cgi)

3. Under ‘Settings’add your Fleets by specifying their Email Ids. A notification mail will be sent to each of them with link to download Fleet-Tracker Android app and to confirm their tracking by the owner.

4. Each user (Fleet) has to download and register the app and confirm by clicking on the link sent on the mail.

5. Once confirmed, you are all set to track them from our dashboard.


6. Tracking has to be initiated from your login itself. Click on the duration you want to track and the frequency and click on ‘Start Tracking Button’. All users will be notified of the tracking status.


7. You can check the location of all your fleet on Google Map and even as a list. You can even export the content of list as excel/CSV for your offline reference.


8. You can check the history of a particular fleet and the routes he has traveled for last few days.


      1. Srihari Reply

        Dont think there is any such app. You can never know the content of other device without having any app in that phone. (except if you have access to operators database)

          1. Srihari

            Yes. Kindly follow the procedure as in the mail. We will be enhancing the app for more commercial use, so your feedback would be more valuable.

    1. Srihari Reply

      You cant use these apps to track already lost mobile. You need to have ‘Track My Phone’ app installed on the device for you to track it when lost.

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