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TrackMyPhones Apps List

Best of Tracker and
Remote Monitoring Apps

Track My Phone using WhatsApp

  • Track Location of Dependents with WhatsApp/Telegram Message
  • Get live battery Status
  • Ring Alarm, Vibrate and More
Download No hidden charges!

Spy Audio Recorder

  • Record 20 Sec to 60 Min Audio
  • Hide Icon and Disable Notifications
  • Can be triggered remotely from our website by logging in.
Download No hidden charges!

Track My Phones

  • Anti Theft / Parental Control App
  • Get Picture for failed unlock attempt
  • Ring Siren, Vibrate, Location/li>
  • Take Pic from front/back Camera, Enable/Disable Wi-Fi
Download No hidden charges!

Tracking Smartphone

  • All tracking features in one
  • Completely Free!
  • Add any number of device
  • Anti Theft/ Remote Monitoring/ Parental Control
Download No hidden charges!

Spy Call Recorder

  • Hide icon and Disable Notification
  • Record all Voice Calls
  • Listen to recordings online from website.
  • Works with Android 10
Download No hidden charges!

Auto Reply to WhatsApp

  • Set rules to Auto reply
  • Regular Expression Supported
  • Enable/Disable "Auto Reply" text
  • Free B2B App for your business
Download No hidden charges!

Chat Message Tracker

  • Track All Incoming Message
  • Read messages without informing Sender
  • Recover Deleted Texts
  • Read from Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc
Download No hidden charges!

Women Safety

  • Inform your dear ones instantly
  • Ring siren, capture video and audio
  • Send information as SMS
Download No hidden charges!

Remote Message & Call Tracker

  • Get Call Logs and WhatsApp Incoming
    Messages Remotely
  • View all information online from website
  • Safe. Secure. Simple.
Download No hidden charges!

Street Lens

  • View Restaurant, Temple, Tourist Places,
    Emergency Serves and Transport Around
  • Supports Augment reality
  • List Mode, Map Mode and Lens mode
Download No hidden charges!

Om Chants

  • Listen to soothing OM Chants
  • Set the number of occurrence
Download No hidden charges!

Secret Of Happiness

  • Based on Scientific Theory
  • Take the 30 Days Challenge
  • App forces you to think positive by tuning
    your subconscious mind.
Download No hidden charges!

Remote Call Recorder

  • Record Calls and Listen to it online
  • Google Play Compatible
  • Works with Android 10
Download No hidden charges!

Key Logger

  • Capture all keystroes and view it online
  • Get Application name along with Keystrokes
  • Removes duplicate rows
Download No hidden charges!

Spy Video Recorder

  • Record Video remmotely and view it online
  • Record for 20 sec from both front and back camera.
  • Features to hide icon and disable notificaiton
Download No hidden charges!

Cell Tracker - Pull Based

  • Get location every 5 minutes
  • View all tracks from mobile or
    online from website
  • Records needs to be pulled!
Download No hidden charges!

Pranks using Chat Messages

  • Prank your friends using Chat Messages
  • Top 5 Prank using Chat Messages
  • Bugs, Rain, Shock, Glass, Fart Pranks
Download No hidden charges!

Cell Tracker

  • Get location every 5 minites online
  • Location pushed automatically to server
Download No hidden charges!

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