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Welcome to TrackMyPhones.com. With more than million downloads 'Cell tracker' is the safest, easiest and free andriod tracker app in the market. Here is a list of features it supports:

1. Uses GPRS/Wi-fi reducing the usage of battery. GPS will be used only when GPRS/Wifi fails to give any location information.
2. Your location information is protected by credentials. No one else but you alone will be able to track your cell location.
3. Information from cell (username, pin and location) transferred to server are encrypted (non human-readable format).
4. You can eraze or delete account whenever you want. The server stores only 3 days of data.
5. You can disable sending of information from mobile.

How it works

The application after installing will collect location details once in 30 minutes and send it to server once every 90 minutes. Server will store data for 3 days.

How to Install

1. Download the app on to your mobile (or to any authorised device you want to monitor)
2. Register by providing username and pin.
3. Select check box to allow the app to send location information to server.
4. Login to http://trackmyphones.com/ct/ and enter your username and pin and track your cell phone remotely.

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