Thief Tracker - FAQ

How does Thief Tracker Work?

Thief Tracker gets connected to your system services. Whenever there is an attempt to unlock your phone through Patter/Pin, Android notifies the app about it. If its successful nothing is done, if its failure the app records it and more than 3 consecutive failure and the app will trigger the camera to take a picture. Once picture is taken it is then uploaded to the server along with the registered mail id.

Our server then saves the picture in one directory and sends a link of the image to you mail id.

Thief Tracker Pro, however, does some additional things. Along with pic it also takes location details of the mobile using GPRS/Wi-Fi and uploads it to server via another URL call. Hence sometimes location details takes time to show up on screen.

Is GPRS/Wi-FI necessary for Thief Tracker to work?

Yes. It is. Without which pic taken cannot be uploaded to server. The app tries 3 times to upload your pic in different intervals. If it fails all 3 times it then gives up and discards the image.

Is the pic stored securely on the server?

Picture is stored in a secured directory and does not have a direct access to it. A link is sent to your email id. Unless you share the link with others no one else will have access to it.

How can I change the email id registered in Thief Tracker?

You need to just uninstall the app and install it again with a different email id.

How to uninstall Thief Tracker?

This is the most common question. Thief Tracker requires device administrator permission to monitor your unlock attempts. Hence you need to activate 'Device Administrator' during setup. Android does not allow application to be uninstalled if it has device administrator enabled. So first you need to disable device administrator privilege given to it.

To do that you have to go to Settings -> Security -> Device Administrator. Uncheck 'Thief Tracker' or 'Thief Tracker Pro'. Confirm. In some older version of android Device Administrator may be inside 'Applications' tab.

After that you can uninstall the app as usual (not from Google Play though). Go to Settings -> Application -> Scroll down to 'Thief Tracker' or 'Thief Tracker Pro' and uninstall.

Thief Tracker does not work in my mobile

We have tested Thief tracker in Samsung Galaxy Series (S1, S2, S3 and Note) and in HTC desire HD. But we are not able to test in other mobiles. However we suggest you follow these procedures to check if its working for your mobile if its other than those:
1. Configure Email Id and activate 'Device Administrator' by tapping on 'Enable Device Admin'.
2. Enable Notification check box.
3. Exit Thief tracker app.
4. Enable Pattern/Pin lock if you havent already.
5. Check that you have internet connection.
6. Lock your mobile screen.
7. Enter wrong pattern/pin by selecting 4 dots or by entering 4 digit.
8. Enter another wrong pattern/pin by selecting 4 dots or by entering 4 digit.
9. Enter third wrong pattern/pin by selecting 4 dots or by entering 4 digit.
10. You should see that GPRS should start working (the uplink and downlink should start blinking). If it does not that means the pic was not taken by your mobile. In some mobile Camera does not operate when phone is locked. This means Thief tracker app does not work in your mobile.
11. If the GPRS blinks and you get a notification in task bar with Thief tracker icon, click on it. It should have a link to the image directly.
12. If you have got the notification then a mail should have sent from our server. So check your mail id for mail from ''. If its not there in Inbox check you SPAM/Junk Folder.

I got the notification in task bar but didnt get the mail

Check your SPAM/Junk folder. It must be in there.

Thief Tracker mail always lands in SPAM folder

Open the mail and click on 'Not Spam'. From next time it will come to your inbox. Or else add '' email id to your contacts.

For any other query, mail us at