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Spy Audio:

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Record audio remotely and listen 20 min audio file online. Helps you know what the user is talking about and with whom he/she is.

Spy Call Recorder:

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Captures all incoming and outgoing calls as mp3 files in mobile and listen it online from website. Ideal to listen on conversation or just to keep backup of calls.

Call and SMS Tracker:

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Helps see what sms texts are being sent or received, calls made or received and even the location of user when the calls and sms were made.

Spy Video:

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Get 20 sec video sent to your mail. You can force mobile to take video either from back or front camera and allow you to view the video online. Helps you know where the user is and with whom.

Track My Phone:

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This app is to track down your phone when you misplace/lose it. Has too many features like showing a message, ringing loud siren, calling your phone from the target phone, changing pin, locking the device, getting location, taking picture and more.

Cell Tracker:

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Tracks location of mobile every 10 min. You can retrieve the current location of user anytime you want via website and view it on Google map online. Simple and effective.


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When someone tries to unlock your phone and fails, get location details and pic of user from front camera delivered to your email id instantly.

Spy Audio - Remote

Spy Audio helps you record a 20 Sec to 10 Minute audio clip from your mobile/laptop remotely. You can trigger it from website and get the video link in your email when the upload is complete.

- Can be triggered and viewed remotely.
- Audio is recorded even when the mobile screen is locked.
- Audio is recorded in the background.
- Unlimited audio capturing.

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Spy Video - Remote

Spy Video helps you record a 20 Sec clip from your mobile remotely. You can trigger it from website and get the video link in your mail when the upload is complete.

- Can be triggered and viewed remotely.
- Video is recorded even when the mobile screen is locked.
- Video is recorded in the background.
- Unlimited video capturing but only 20 sec each.
- Capture from Front/Back Camera.

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Call Recorder

Call Recorder Application records all Incoming and Outgoing calls and saves it in MP3 format in your SD card.

✔ Records both incoming and outgoing calls.
✔ Displays notification which helps you play back recorded file instantly.
✔ Completely free no hidden charges.
✔ App does not transfer any content outside your mobile.

Use VLC Player to play the audio if default Windows Media Player doesn't work.


Thief Tracker


Best Anti-Theft software for your mobile. Its Simple Its Effective Its Awesome. Keep your hard earned smartphone safe by using Thief tracker. If your mobile is lost/stolen, any failed attempt to unlock your mobile will trigger this app to take picture from front camera and send you an email without the user getting to know. With more than 40000 downloads in 2 months and 700 five stars this app is one of the best tracker apps in market.

Anti-Theft Alarm


Now another app to notify you whenever someone tries to sneak in. If someone tries to unlock your mobile, any failed attempt will trigger this app to ring loud siren.

Remote Control

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Remote Control application helps you operate your mobile remotely. You can get the location of your mobile, make the siren play loud, send a message to your mobile, call a number and even make it vibrate for 5 sec. All this you can do when your mobile is not with you.

Cell Tracker (Remote)

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Using "Cell Tracker (Remote)" application, you can track the device location remotely. Even when the device is not with you. All you need to do is install this app and use the device ID that the app displays in You can track where your children are by tracking their cell or keep a check on your spouse or if you simply want to track where all you have been through in last few days all you need to do is install this app. No need to turn on the GPS. This application sends location info once every 30 minutes through GPRS/Wi-Fi and hence the impact on battery is minimal.

Cell Locator (Remote) - using Email ID and PIN

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In case you find it hard to remember the device and also wish to PIN protect your app, 'Cell Locator' is the best app for you. Install this app, register using your email ID and a 4 digit PIN and you can use the registered Email ID and PIN to know your cell location. To know the location you need to visit

Call & SMS Tracker

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'Call & SMS Tracker' App allows you to monitor Calls and Sms remotely. Install the app into your or dependents android phone, register and you are all set.

- Keep a realtime backup of Call and SMS logs on the server.
- Install the app on any of your dependents mobile and you can keep track of calls and sms remotely.
- Clean up logs from server if you no longer wish to have them in there.
- Export the list into CSV.

Local Cell Tracker


Use Local Cell Tracker app to keep track of the location of your cell without sending the details to our server. Track all the locations you have visited in the last few days with your Android phone. This application works even without GPS. The application collects location info once every 0.5 hours through GPRS/Wi-Fi.

Where Am I? (Send My Location)


View your current location (address, city) and share your location through SMS or Mail in just one touch.

** Works even when GPS is off **
However, for accurate results, it is recommended that the GPS is switched on while using this app.

Other (Non-Tracker) Apps

Scare your Friends & Capture Reaction


Scare Your Friends app shows a scary picture with a screaming sound in the background after a delay to scare user. It also takes picture after 0.5 seconds delay and stores it in your gallery. Use this app to scare your friends/kids and capture their reaction.

Secret Of Happiness


Discover the secret of happiness with this 30-day challenge! Take the 30 day challenge and discover the secret of happiness. All you need to do is think positive and enter it into the app right after you get up in the morning and just before you hit the bed in the night. Repeating it for 30 days will train your brain to think positively and your subconscious mind will remain happy.