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How does TrackMyPhone App Work?

TrackMyPhone app works on GCM (Google Cloud Messaging). Once you install the app on your phone and register, Google will send one id to the server and we associate it with the email id you register with. Any request made from our server the backend server gives this request to Google with the id. Its up to the Google server to deliver the message to our app residing on your mobile, which we do not have any control on. Most of the time its instantaneous (without any delay), but sometime there could be some delay in the message reaching your mobile.

Is GPRS/Wi-FI necessary for TrackMyPhone to work?

Not exactly. You can use SMS feature without GPRS. But for Web commands to work you definately need GPRS/WIFI connection running on your mobile else Google will not be able to reach your mobile.

How can I change the email id registered in TrackMyPhone

You need to unregister and register again. To do that open your app, click on menu button of your mobile, you will see an Unregister option. Click on that and confirm and register again with the new email id.

How to Uninstall

This is the most common question. TrackMyPhone cannot be uninstalled from Google Play directly. TrackMyPhone requires device administrator permission to monitor your unlock attempts or to change your pin. Hence you need to activate 'Device Administrator' during setup. Android does not allow application to be uninstalled if it has device administrator enabled. So first you need to disable device administrator privilege given to it.

To do that you have to go to Settings -> Security -> Device Administrator. Uncheck 'TrackMyPhone' or 'TrackMyPhone Pro'. Confirm. In some older version of android Device Administrator may be inside 'Applications' tab.

After that you can uninstall the app as usual (not from Google Play though). Go to Settings -> Application -> Scroll down to 'TrackMyPhone' or 'TrackMyPhone Pro' and uninstall.

I got the notification in task bar but didnt get the mail

Check your SPAM/Junk folder. It must be in there. At times if taking of picture itself fails then you will not receive any mail. We are working on to add a text in History to tell you whether the operation was successful or not. Next release of the Pro version should have it.

I want to add 2 device to the same email id

Unfortunately its not possible as of now. As email id is the unique identifier for us we cannot have 2 device associated with it else the server will not know which mobile the commands should be sent to.

TrackMyPhone mail always lands in SPAM folder

Open the mail and click on 'Not Spam'. From next time it will come to your inbox. Or else add the email id to your contacts.

SMS Commands

To get the location of the device send this SMS to your device:
TMP PIN locate

If your PIN is 1234, then the SMS will be 'TMP 1234 locate'. SMS reply will be send to the number from which the SMS was sent:

To play loud siren send this SMS:
TMP PIN siren

To show scare pic send this SMS:
TMP PIN scare

To take pic from front camera send this SMS:
TMP PIN picfront

To take pic from back camera send this SMS:
TMP PIN picback

To capture a video for 30 sec, send this SMS:
TMP PIN capturevideo

To enable mobile data (GPRS/2G/3G) send this SMS:
TMP PIN enablemobiledata

To disable mobile data (GPRS/2G/3G) send this SMS:
TMP PIN disablemobiledata

To lock the screen send this SMS:
TMP PIN lockscreen

To change the device PIN (not the app's) send this SMS:
TMP PIN changepin newPIN


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