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TrackMyPhones Mobile Solutions Private Limited is a registered company in India with headquarters in Bangalore. TrackMyPhones has over 40 apps on Remote Monitoring, Anti-Theft, Parental Control, Women Safety, and Fleet Tracking, with a total Subscriber base of over 9 million and 2 million pageviews a month.

About TrackMyPhones.com, CallSMSTracker.com, TrackingSmartphone.com & RemoteCallRecorder.com:

Over 40 Android Applications.

✔ Over 9,000,000 Downloads worldwide.

✔ More than 2,000,000 Pageviews Per Month.

✔ Started: Nov 2014, Registered: March 2020

✔ Location: Bangalore, India

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Founders / Developers

Srihari Karanth

LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Email | Twitter | YouTube

Srihari Karanth


Shrinidhi Karanth


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I want to know if my lover is cheating on me


This is my advise to anyone who wants to hack a phone, do not pay for spy apps if you don’t have access to the phone. I wish I knew this sooner, I would not have spent so much on different spy apps. It took sometime before I finally found a way to hack my husband’s phone without having access to it. I mentioned my fears and insecurities to a friend and she recommended these tech team, williamscyberghost@gmail. com These tech guy provided a service that allows me monitor his calls and conversations on different apps he uses on his… Read more »


How can i find out if somebody put this on my phone

Vega n.

1st day I installed such software on my daughters phone, which makes it even worsening when it constantly says “recording” and hall all this audio on “Google servers” yet allow no easy access to it, although the directions sound so easy an elementary adolescent could execute it. This is my 3rd email requesting assistance, even after constantly searching for support (customer service) or possible manual troubleshooting?? Those are neglectful business standards and a couple hours a day to post a blog domain about the negatives/and counterfeit claims of this platform isn’t hard at all… yet very very unnecessary. Once again,… Read more »


Why it track my own phone,it supposed track my gf phone aite

Dear Sir,
I’m not use call recorder but target mobile is already install call recorder by company. Plz help me my phone — xiomi redmi 4 pro


Sir I should activet our app in my target phone and I’ll use your website to control another phone but there are some error and I’ll fail to control that phone So. Told me solution on the error Please


How can I be listening or recording my lover’s call with out her notice!!

charles polay

i cant find the address where to register id and pass to register in a installed app ( call recorder) where its link? plz…

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