Remote Audio Android App – How to use

Ever wondered if you can capture audio of surroundings of your spouse or children mobile and listen to it on website after few minutes? Or keep track of your children that they are where they are supposed to be? “Remote Audio” Android application will do just that. Capture as minimum of 20 sec or as long as 20 min and listen to it online from the website. The best part – its absolutely free.

Following are the features of Remote Audio:
✔ Captures audio silently without the user getting to know.
✔ Captures audio from 20 Sec to 20 Minute.
✔ Can be triggered remotely from our website by logging in.
✔ Option to Download and delete audio
✔ Upload notification will be sent to registered email id.

Login URL:
Download URL: Click Here

How to use:

If your mobile is used as a land-line at your residence. You can download directly from our website, register by entering your email id and pin and you are set. If you don’t want a copy of audio copy to be stored locally in your mobile, then open the app in your mobile -> Go to settings-> and uncheck “Keep local copy on mobile”

If you want to install the app on someone else mobile (Illegal use is prohibited but you can use it to monitor your kids), you need to install the hide icon version of the application. This app will hide the app from app drawer. And even disable all notification. After registration, go to settings -> and check “Hide Icon” option. Dont forget to uncheck “Show Notification” Option as well.

Once registered you can now close the app. Rest all you can handle it from server. Go to login with the registered email id and password. The logged in page should show all recorded files and an option to record new. Select the appropriate duration and click on “Capture Audio”. This will trigger a command to the app in target mobile via Google server. Notification will be sent to Google instantly. Google might take sometime depending on the internet availability on mobile or the server status.

Once mobile receives the command and the duration to be recorded, it will start recording. After the duration is over the app will upload the file to our cloud and send notification email to your registered email id.

To delete all captured audio files:
If you wish to delete all your records you can click on “Delete all records” link at the bottom of the display page.

Unhide App Icon:
To unhide application icon dial *999* (including stars).


  1. Azad Reply

    Where the captured audio files reside on phone? Can I retrieve the files from phone if not uploaded due to connectivity problem?

      1. aaaa Reply

        I can’t see the .settings2 folder anywhere on ext sd card or internal card. I can’t find the saved audios even though I checked the option to save locally.

  2. shailesh Reply

    very very good app .. realy it 200% works.
    you can 100% belive on this app.
    it works very fast on 3G network.
    Try It .. 100% Get Success.

  3. intimateblkman Reply

    GREAT APP!!! My only complaint is that when I make a call while recording from mic after I hang up the recording stops or goes silent can you fix that??? I am speaking of the audio aspect using the mic thanks

  4. Fernanda Reply

    Holla There!!!

    The site was down for few hours….Now when I am tryin to reach another audio, it doesn come on my mail! Do I need to do somethin or some problems with the server?
    I will Appreciate much if I get answear a.s.a.p!

    Tnx in Advance

  5. ess Reply

    Please integrate a quick option to send local files via Bluetooth to other devices from the app main window it would be very handy. Another suggestion is to create an app to handle all audio from all your apps like spy audio or spy call so all in one place would ge very handy . my only issue is related to android 2.3.6 devices it works only on WiFi so i missed some calls on data connection didn’t receive…. Please also what is the name format of the files downloaded (date-time -duration) so we can recognize… Thank you very much for this useful tool .. Keep it up its wonderful..

    1. Srihari Reply

      Thanks for the feedback ees. All in one app is already created (

      I didnt get your problem with fetching call records on Data/Wifi. Calls will be recorded and kept on mobile. You can pull it anytime, only thing is the device should have internet access. If few files are not uploaded they can be requested again for pull after sometime.

  6. aaaa Reply

    What if you are using this on a tablet that doesn’t have a phone function? How do you “dial” the number in order to unhide the App? If I uninstall the App and reinstall it, I still can’t unhide it.

  7. adel Reply

    Y after i hide iqon it appear after some while and the name of program appesr in cleanmaster so my son well know and well delete what i do

  8. bobby john Reply

    why it says on the logs when i log in that theres an audio recordings succesfully ent to google servers but didnt got any notification for me to listen the recorded audio what does it mean

    1. Srihari Reply

      When you initiate a capute audio request our server sends the command to google (GCM) server with your device id and message. Its up to google to deliver that message to our app installed on your phone so that the app can act on it and upload audio file. We don’t have any control on google server. It sometimes sends instantly sometimes it takes hours. Kindly wait for sometime and check.

  9. kath Reply

    to hide the app should i update it on the phone or can i do it remotely from desktop.. i have tried both and it keeps giving me a failed message.. qany suggestions..
    Thanks for the great app..

    1. Srihari Reply

      Tou have download and update it on the phone itself. Not possible to do it remotely. Once installed you need to open, change the settings to hide icon.

  10. Riz Reply


    Very very handy and intelligent application no doubt. But it will be very very useful if I can activate the recording by sending SMS with an unique fixed key. That sms should be invisible and deleted as well. Because it is not possible to make sure that the internet connection is available all the time.
    Please add this feature to the Spy Audio if possible. However I would like to thank you for such a great effort.

  11. bonzai Reply

    Notifications still appear
    Sadly using hide version of both audio and video spy apps a notification still is generated for each recording requested, even though i turned off notifications in the app Settings tab. This on a samsung sgh-1619 phone. Please to help silence notifications or my kids will figure out how to disable these apps!

    Also how do I access the app to check / change settings once they are hidden? *999* through phone dialer? Will this allow app to be hidden again after unhide?

    1. Srihari Reply

      Even after changing the settings to disable notification you are getting notification? *999* will unhide application so you need to hide it back from settings.

    1. Srihari Reply

      Unfortunately our app is suspended from Google Play Store. But its still available on our website. Kindly download it from here directly.

  12. Saima Reply

    Hello. This is a great app but it works only on WiFi. I am using it on Sony Xperia mobile. If WiFi is not available and I am using Mobile Data, then web commands don’t execute. Please can you help me? Is there some setting in sony xperia which I am missing? Is there any other way to send the command?

    1. Srihari Reply

      It should work as there is nothing in app that restricts it to work on Mobile internet. Is the mobile internet speed too slow?

  13. Damien Reply

    Much to my surprise when I tried to capture audio today I never received an email notification and kept trying…after 35 minutes or so everything was back to normal which I might add works quite well!!! ITS AWESOME….but why did I not get notifications at first?
    I would also like to add more features but is there a way to hide icons and notification for example capturing video etc…
    thank you so much in advance…your app is the bomb and is so much APPRECIATED….you are a saint and one of a kind to do this for the betterment of mankind…to bad more politicians didn’t have the same attitude!!! Thank you thank you thank you
    kuddos man kuddos

    1. Srihari Reply

      Thanks Damien, Glad to hear that its helpful. Hope you are able to find how to hide icon and disable notifications.

  14. Damien Reply

    but I never did get notifications to my attempts in that 35 minute span…could it be because I have to other spyware programs(noting to do with voice) from other sources? because I think you app is absolutely flawless! So flawless im thinking it had to do with something else…

  15. Damien Reply

    I must say to others that this app is flawless and if you are having troubles it most likely is a mistake or something youre missing on your part….

    Practice on a spare smartphone and if deactivated make sure wifi is hooked and working…you should find what u are missing making your life easier…experiment and keep track of what youre doing so you can duplicate it in the same order….I did it this way and when I installed spy audio on my child’s phone with him sitting right next to me on the couch he thought I was setting his ring tones and was none the wiser

  16. Damien Reply

    Practice on a spare smartphone and if deactivated make sure wifi is hooked and working…you should find what u are missing making your life easier…experiment and keep track of what youre doing so you can duplicate it in the same order….I did it this way and when I installed spy audio on my child’s phone with him sitting right next to me on the couch he thought I was setting his ring tones and was none the wiser…he is 15

  17. DAVID Reply

    hello, thanks for the app. quite interesting. if the app is installed and activated, will the app start recording anytime there is a incoming or outging calls or its just recording any sound. i notice the audio sound is poor after playing and one can barely hear what was recorded. i installed it on tecno r7 and A7. please advice on getting clearer recording.

    thank you.

  18. Neo Reply

    This is a fantastic app but with a major flaw.
    Even though you can hide notifications and the app itself from the app drawer, it is still visible in the dowloaded apps section under settings. A simple fix would be to alter the app’s icon, preferably giving it an android icon instead of the Spy Audio.
    Also it’s different name should be different as “spy audio” is really a give away. Change it to something like : android.core etc.

    If the app was seen in the downloaded apps section as “android.core” with the android icon, it would be truly hidden.

    Thank you.

      1. Neo Reply

        I just tried the link you posted and I have to say it is better, but still has 2 issues.
        1. The app is not hidden. There is a “settings” button in the app drawer.
        2. Not only that, but even with admin priviledges turned on, there is an advertisement about tracking phones which is also a giveaway when you exit the app. It doesn’t make sense.

        I hope you can see to these issues soon.
        Thank you.

  19. damian escudero Reply

    hello good morning would be good that could change the name of the app to something as personal notes so that is not in the list of apps installed and can prevent upload files to the server and stored only in the phone

  20. jericho Reply

    i cannot find my recording neither locally nor remotely,where are they how do i access them,whats going on?

    1. Srihari Reply

      It should be in your mobile’s SD card under “.settings1” folder. If not then app must have been uninstalled.

  21. Kimberly Reply

    Hi ; first would like to thankyou for this app brilliant and so generous of you; I actually thought there has to be a waited and looked Nope NO catch..THANKYOU..I can’t seem to hide in app drawer ? I updated but still there?There was a mention that maybe some may need to restart app for that feature to work; how is that done ? Thankyou..

    1. Srihari Reply

      Hi, in home screen of app on the top right you should see 3 dots, click on that and you will see hide icon button. Are you able to see that ? Let me know.

  22. Paul Reply

    It is great app 🙂 but I have some ideas, how to improve it…
    At present – I miss possibility to remotely download records which upload failed.
    And than it should be good, when I could start recording, for example in the morning and in the evening stop. Than made upload all records which could be each 20 minutes long. It would be good because many people has mobile internet with FUP or no internet at all and at home have mostly wifi without FUP 😉

  23. Vaibhav Reply

    By mistake I have deleted the app in target phone, & now I have reinstalled it but it’s not showing any option to login by old mail I’d & password, only one option to to register with new I’d. Plz help.

  24. bogdy123 Reply


    Can you change the name of the app please?
    I see up in comments that you working on it.

    Thank you very much, great app!

  25. Shoaib Shaikh Reply

    Dear admin,
    today i am facing issues to get the recordings to the server.
    And kindly let me know, what are the count of recording that we can do, is there any limit?

    Apart of this issue great work done and Awesome app

    1. Srihari Reply

      There are no limit Shoaib, but only 10 records are pulled each time. So you need to pull multiple times to get all records.

      1. Shoaib Shaikh Reply

        Dear Admin
        I am still facing issue in getting the recordings. I am capturing one recording of 5 minutes but it is not coming in the server but as i am capturing 1 minute recording then it is poping up in the server. I am only getting one recording and sometimes no recording is available .
        kindly help in this issue.

  26. Tarannum Reply

    Do something on the Name of this app as it is appeared in the application manager as Spy Audio and Spy Video. The user can easily understand the matter. Please think of it.

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