Anti Theft Alarm - Android App



"Anti Theft Alarm" application helps you know whenever someone is trying to unlock your mobile when it is not with you. Imagine you are sleeping or in bathroom and someone tries to unlock your mobile to see the content, even if you set a good pattern or pin one would figure out after few attempts. And imagine if there is an App which would scream loud when it detects that. Anti theft alarm is just that. A loud siren is played when someone tries to unlock and fail to unlock your mobile's pin/pattern/password. A must have app on all your hard earned smartphone.

How it works:

1. Install the app on your mobile, open the app and set the number of wrong attempts after which the loud siren has to be played.
2. To test once, just lock your phone and make that many number of invaild attempts as set. Remember that you need to select 4 or more dots for an invaild/valid pattern. Selecting only 2 or 3 dots will be considered as an attempt.
3. A loud siren will be played after the invalid attempts.
4. Even if the volume of the device is kept low the app will increase the volume to full before playing the siren.

Download Anti - Theft Alarm

Click here to download from Google Play.