Remote Call Recorder – Free Android Spy App – Android 10

Ever wondered if you can record calls of your dear ones and listen to it online and see if they are truthful and loyal? Then you are in the right place.

“Remote Call Recorder”, a free remote tracker app, helps you record a phone conversation discreetly and listen to it online. Install the app on the target mobile, register and you will be able to pull recorded files from the website.

This Spy Call Recorder works even in Android 10 and Captures both Side voices clearly.

You will need access to the mobile device for 2 minutes to install and register.

Following are the features of Spy Call Recorder:

✔ Captures calls silently without the user getting to know.
✔ Capture any number or duration of calls.
✔ Upload notification will be sent to registered email id along with the call records pulled
✔ Call records are hidden in the mobile and will not be listed in any media players.
✔ Receive reminder notification of calls in mobile once in a while.
✔ Support for a large number of Android devices.
✔ 24×7 Support.

Login URL:
Download URL (Version 11):

How to use:

Install the app on your mobile, if you wish to install the app on someone else mobile, you would need access to the mobile for 2 minutes. Download the hide icon version directly from the website to the mobile. Click on the apk and register by specifying your email id and password.

Check settings to enable call recording and pulling of files from the server. And don’t forget to hide the icon.

You can now login to the website at and start pulling recorded files by clicking on the “Get Call Records” button. You will receive mail with the call records pulled from your mobile with call time and other party number. Only 10 files will be pulled at a time so you might need to click on the button multiple times depending on how frequently you are pulling the files.

Even if you forget to pull files from the server, don’t worry, it will be hidden in mobile and won’t be accessible to any media player as per the new update.

To delete all captured call records from server:

If you wish to delete all your records you can click on “Delete all records” link at the bottom of the display page.

Unhide App Icon:

To unhide application icon dial *888* (including stars).

To disable security alerts, read the blog here.

Steps to Install:

1. Download the app into the target mobile via the above link. You can also connect USB cable to laptop and transfer it via a laptop to one folder.

Dont forget to disable “Google Play Security scan”. Else you will not be able to install the APK and you will get “App not installed” Error. More detail on this here.

2. Install the app by clicking/tapping on the apk file. If installation from an external source is not enabled then enable download from an external source in settings.

3. Open the app and register by specifying Email id and Pin/Password.

4. Once registered, click on settings and disable notification and enable ‘Hide Icon’ option. The icon will be hidden after 10 sec. If the icon is not hidden even after a minute then try restarting the phone. Hide icon at the end, after disabling notification and Google Play Security Scan, else the icon will be hidden and you notification will appear whenever a call is recorded.

5. Make sure Google Scan and Virus scan is disabled. Check this link for more details:

6. Thats it, now you are set to record and receive call records online from the website.

7. To test it, try making a call to a number and talk for a few seconds. Login to And click on ‘Get Call Records’. You should receive a mail to your email id after few seconds with the details of the call.


Recording calls are completely mobile specific. It might work in some mobiles and might not work in some other. We have tested it in Samsung S3, S4 and S2 and in LG Nexus 5. The app is told to record only one sided voice in some mobile and fail to record in some. We are working on it to make it compatible with as many mobile versions as possible.

Troubleshooting tips:

If call recorder is not working check for the following points:

1. If the app is crashing with “Application Record Failed” check if any other call recorder is installed.

2. If long duration calls are not getting recorded check if battery saving apps are installed.

3. To check if the call recorder is still working, go to SD card, check “.settings1” folder to see records are stored in there. if not then the call recorder is not recording any calls. Check if the call recorder is still installed by dialing *888*. if nothing comes up then the app is uninstalled from mobile.

4. If app is still installed, then open the app and close it and test by making a call and see if you get records in “.settings1” folder.

5. Audio File size is too small: This happens when 2 or more call recorders are running. The first call recorder will acquire the mic and the other call recorder will exit with an error, creating only 0 kb files. SO make sure there are no other call recorders running. Some mobile now has built-in call recorders so you will have to disable those as well.

6. No Records are uploaded: This could happen for 2 reasons. Either the app is uninstalled. Or App is force closed. If the app is force-closed then you will have to open the app once for it to start working. If the app icon is hidden then you cannot open it, in that case, you will have to login via browser, unregister, then in-app find the app under settings and uninstall. Then download apk, install and register with old email id.

If you have any other query not answered in this blog kindly mention it in the comment section below with necessary details or mail to Don’t forget to mention the Mobile model, and the result of the above troubleshooting tips, else it will be very difficult to tell what exactly is wrong.

How to record calls and listen to it remotely ?

You need to install app on the target device which would record calls and upload it to server and you can login and listen to it online. There are many apps available online. Remote Call Recorder is one such app. Install the app on Android phone and listen to call recordings remotely from website.

What is hidden call recorder?

An App that allows you to record calls without notification or icon displayed on the screen. Apps can be hidden from App drawer but not from the Apps list in Settings. These kind of apps are useful in parental control


Disclaimer and its application are designed for monitoring authorized phones only. The Products and software-related services on this website are provided to aid home and “guardian users” in and as domestic monitoring solutions and also as Anti-Theft Solution. It is important to accept the terms before you use them. It is illegal to install the app or use any of our services in unauthorized mobile.

Srihari Karanth is an active developer and Founder of TrackMyPhones. He is a former Software Architect in Global MNC. He now works on building new innovative mobile applications and websites. You can reach him at


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Rahul bansal

‘Tracking smartphone’ app does not work but recorder app works properly. Is there any possibility for changing the name of the app ‘recorder’.


Whats the aap name


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I recommend Stephenlogicalhacklord@gmail.Com to y’all. I found this team on this page and I am happy to announce that my request has been fulfilled. I can even monitor my partner’s location.

Adu David

Hello Admin. I want to commend you for the great work on this app and several other apps for mobile spying and tracking. Though, i will like to make a suggestion to this call recorder and that of the all compass programme one that has all in one. When it is installed and you hide it presence from the setting tab, the icon will be hidden and when you dail *888* or *999* as the others, the settings window will appear for you to unhide the icon to appear on the phone making it visible and with it visible it… Read more »


awesome suggestion.. keep it up bro


I use this app in J7 2017
Everything is ok but, I cant hear the voice from other side, I just listen the voice from my phone.
I checked up the option Increase the mic volume but, didnt help me.
Nothing changed.
Thanks in advance


kya victim ke phone par internet hona jarori hai


Call recorder Works great on samsung s9 and I can hear both sides of the conversation unless the target phone is using bluetooth. Make sure you disable google voice and Bixby and you should be fine. Also make sure the app is allowed to runs in background at all times. Thanks for this free and amazing app


hello sir… i am very much happy with the service you are providing. i am able to get all the call records from victims mobile. thank you for wonderful support..
but one more request can you plz update the service to record data calls or voice data calls through internet. please please please…


I m using call recorder from last 2 month i got 1st month both side sound clear.
But after got only duration of call record not sound.
Help me sir.


Have the Android 10 issue been resolved? No sound from both sides of the call, thanks


can this app work on note 10+?


The phone that the app is installed on is a ZTE V768 OS Android version 2.3.7


sir.. ur app is superb but i have problem the call is recording only oneside other person voice cant hear ond 1 more thing is in my laptop i am not geting any result in call recorder or audio recorder., when i command in executive command its says request failed each time pls do help


How come some audio files on the capture phone calls app don’t show a time limit & when I try to play them the usual way I play files with time limits they won’t play? Are they corrupt?


These are calls that were answered. Some are as long as 30 minutes I have noticed the file sizes are 6.04 KB so maybe there’s nothing there to play.


Thanks for this wonderful app
I installed hide icon v (spy call recorder 7.apk) on samsung note 3 running jelly bean 4.3 & on samsung S5 running lollipop
On note 3 its running absolutely fine
But on S5 its recording n saving files on phone memory fine n clear but when I pull from web I receive only few seconds of the recorted calls with clear voice like 50 to 90 secs despite for any duration of call
Yah there is no battery saver active
No antivirus
No other call recorder is active
Please help me on this


Yeah I got the full length of voice recording both in phone momory & from web in my samsung note 3 ( though most calls are partly recorted like missing from beginning or from end) But on samsung s5 facing same prob like missing frm beginning or end or both in ph memory but in case of web pull only few sec/mins of recorded calls are uploaded like 250-300kb though the original file was more than 2mb on phone I tured off the google security check, battery saver n no antivirus is installed Yeah I have another recorder instead but… Read more »


What will happen if storage both internal and external of target phone exhausted? Agar target phone ka storage kathm ho gaya hai tho kya hoga? Both Internal and External storage kathm ho gaya tho kya hoga?


Please make arrangement whereby I can change the storage from Internal to SD card in mobile as target mobile has ran out of Internal memory and app is not getting installed and I cannot empty the space and the target will come to know.


Dear sir ,
The app was working fine for two weeks and then it was uninstalled by target phone .
I again installed it but now only one call recorder is uploaded and then nothing is uploaded even i checked .setting1 folder their also no recording found .
This issue is in redmi note 4.
Kindly provide solution on urgent basis.


Dear sir,
I have also done that.
And the fact is it has worked fine for a week .
I have disabled playstore notification also.
And also i want to tell you that after dialing *888*
Nothing comes although the app is installed and can be seen in installed app under setting..
Please help sir


Dear sir their is something wrong with the server as call are getting recorded in .setting1 folder still they are not been pulled redmi note 4 and i havr also uninstalled inbuilt recorder the app worked for two days and then stopped working


i want to get back two deleted calls by mistake, how can i do that?
does the calls still exist on my mobile even after deletion

Arfin farhan

I want my old file how that possible?


Hi. I recorded calls for month but just set upbemmail. Hoe can I get the old calls sent to email or download from cell to laptop? Thx!!!


i assume these recordings go on the phone as a file and then u upload them thru yiur server…..when i delete them from your server, do they auto delete from the phone, or do the files stay on the phone and keep on using more and more of the phone drive?




not working in gionee phones.only call details are visible. record file are of only 32kb
and not playing in vlc media player.
please reply.

Preet Raja

please test in gionee phone it shows 32kb file no audio


Will it record Skype calls?


What kind of damage does it or this kind of software do cause to the handset.. As ur replying to queries i got a kind of faith on u….so bro plz b honest….. And also this is a must sftwre for me as i doubtmy spouse


it shows my email is already registered




wtf,the server deleted my account!!i just registered 1 hour ago


Does Lookout Mobile security pick this up as spyware?? I tried using another app on my spouse’s phone and his Lookout mobile security flagged it as spyware. Then it gave him the option to delete the file thru the Lookout app. So he deleted it.


If it showed up on his phone through lookout app you need to go to settings and tap onto security then tap onto the unknown sources in his phone. So now it should be ok to install it back in his phone without it showing notifications of the app


I retrieved all the calls from the server for the entire month and only 5 of them played on Quicktime ..


I play the recorded call from spy call recorder history and which media player is supported pls reply. And the deleted call recording is not pulling by mail


I can’t get the media to stream on the site .. can you help ? Maybe I’m doing it wrong ..


Hi, I can’t play all the pulled out calls from my CP in desktop, using VLC or Quick time plug-in. How can I play it in my computer? If this is AMR but the extension is MP3, what player should I used? Because, even in Windows media player it is not working


It is downloading calls in seconds only. Last night, I had a recorded call of 10 minutes. Today, I uploaded it and found that its duration is of 30 seconds only. I am using Galaxy S2.


i have problem with file that more than 20 minutes it play silently with out voice even by VLC player and mobile player ,


If target phone doesn’t have sd card installed then also is this utility record the calls and store the recorded files on target phone?


Yesterday I’ve installed the app on target phone and make number of calls. But I am not getting any call recording on my email. Secondly getting error ‘ unfortunately call rec has been stopped ‘ on target phone while getting call records.


Thats a good app…but I cant download the hide file with the link you gave us…..pls help

Jean Marie

I can’t get call record i only get the audio record can someone help me


Im having an issue with the audio. The program is capturing the audio and uploading it to the website but VLC player does not read it. Quick-Time does not read it. On my GSIII ES Media Player and Google Media Player recognize the file but when they play there is only a few seconds of audible background noise and then it just starts to buzz. Please help!

Silvano Julio

I am trying to use it in a Samsung GT-S5301L with android 4.0.4. It records but when I want o play de audio, it sounds very fast. so such as an squirrel. Do you know what can I do? regards.


Your app is excellent and working fine But one can easily get to know its a call recorder by seeing its icon and name in taskmanager or app manager and can be uninstalled. So to avoid this can u please change its icon and rename it as Android security” something like that. Can you please do make the changes and send me that APK to my mail. As a your a developer its not a big task for you. Its very important and you can save once life from bad things

vinay jaiswal

hi sir, recorded calls are showing on spy call recorder website, but i m not able to listen on website and its showing file is corrupt when trying to download.


please reply kya internet hona jaroori hai ya bina internet ke bhi kaam karega


thanks sri hari ji
means when we login to admin for pull file that time data connection is on in victim”s mobile
2nd question is where is the recording file in mobile if we want to see can we see ???

chanel taylor

Hi I am having difficulty signing in on a desktop and my mobile it keeps saying invalid email ID but when accessed from target phone it works can you help me figure out how to access from another mobile and desktop please?

How to I play the recorded call history from spy call recorded. And which media player is support ed

Karan Sharma

trackmyphone though is hidden in desktop, it shows in Settings – Application list. If not completely hidden, Could you please make it appear with another name like Settings or Security etc.
Thanks and regards

Wise Soul

This application existing in Application list in the name of “Call Rec” which sounds still suspicious. Can you please rename it to some general name ? Like sys, androidsys….. something like that….

Wise Soul

I installed SpyCallRecorder_7_Hide_Icon.apk on my cell. After each call, it is showing message on my notification bar that this call has been recorded, please visit ……………. path for the file. I checked the settings but notification was not enabled there…

There is no use if notification appears. Please advice.


Is this compatible with a galaxy s5 and how long does the software record the calls and also will it be able to record if the target user is using a bluetooth?


I hide this app from applist. But only problem is..It is showing calrec in application manager. Then the victim will know that all calls are recording. So, Please change the app name to some systemresource name in application manager. This will help us more sir. Thanks in advance.


how to hide when we unhide the app by using *888*



What will happen if the phone memory is full? Will it throw any error notifications visible to the user of the phone?

I am also worried that the call logs will show up in any disk space analysis .. Any way to escape that if the phone happens to be offline for a long time ?


thanks for the resonse Srihari. One more query if you dont mind:

Phone recording has suddenly stopped for last 2-3 days. The app is hidden, so there is no way it would have been uninstalled in the target phone. What could be the reason?

Will a simple restart of the phone restart recordings? Or do I have to uninstall and reinstall again?

Please help on this urgent issue.


Hey, spy-call-recorder works OK with my galaxy fame, only issue I have is that doesn’t capture the call from the beginning. I would say that few seconds are missing., Please advise? Thanks 🙂


I use this app installed in an Acer Liquid Z5 Duo. All the mp3 files saved from calls have a same length (16kb) and the 3gp format header code (“ftyp3gp4” at beginning).
So, what is wrong? Any phone configuration??? Thx;


When we set the command and files are uploaded on the server, do they delete from the phone automatically or they accumulate on the phone?


I just installed the hide icon version in my huawei G610. Calls are beind stored in phones memory and can not be played back even with android vlc player. Calls being in phone memory, i cant not copy them in my laptop (cuz when i connect my cellphone with laptop, only sd card contents are shown). Please help.
Thanks and regards.

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