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Thief Tracker

"Thief Tracker" application helps you know who has your phone when stolen, lost or mis-placed. This award-winning software takes the picture of the user when unlocking your mobile fails more than 3 times, uploads the image to our server and sends a notification to your mail id. A must have app on all your hard earned smartphone.

1. Resizes the image to a smaller size to reduce gprs usage and to upload faster.
2. Delete option in UI to delete all your images stored in the server.
3. You get the location of mobile along with the pic.
4. Set the number of unlock failure attempts before pic is taken.

Thief Tracker - Picture

Click here to download the new 'Anti-Theft' (Thief Tracker). It's free and safe.

Thief Tracker - Video

This app takes a 20 Sec video from front camera instead of a pic. Lets you hear what they are talking about. Click here to download the all new 'Thief Tracker - Video'.

Anti - Theft Alarm

If you do not wish to have pic/video taken and just want the alarm to ring loud when someone tries to unlock your phone, download here. Works without internet as well.


"Lost my phone and found it within half an hour, my driver had taken it" - Hari

"Top app My phone was stolen i received a photo of the thief and went round there house and got my phone back the look on there face was amazing" - Kevin

"Best.. I liked... Good application.... Tryed.. Within few seconds u have a mail in ur inbox with pic of the person trying to unlock ur phone... Its really good..:-)" - ramms

"I'm compelled I'm not used to rating apps but I feel so obliged to give both thumbs up for this one. Good job done" - Bob

"Sugestion A good apps but after photo uploaded to server its notification should not be appear on screen because thief will deactivate it." - abuzar

"It works Its works a co worker try to unlock my phone and i got the email with her face picture" - Charlie