Disable Android (‘App is harmful’) Security Alert

To avoid someone installing Spy or Tracking Apps on your phone, Google alerts users once in a while of PUPs (Potentially unsafe programs). But the same will be a problem if you are trying to catch your cheating spouse or troubled kids by installing a tracking app on their device.

If you are installing a Spy app on your spouse/kids phone and don’t want them to know or uninstall the app then you have to take care of the following:

1. Disable Google Security Alert:

Google security, if enabled, scans mobile for any spy ware and throws an alert once in a while forcing user to uninstall the app.

To disable Go to Settings -> Google -> Security -> And uncheck “Scan Device for Security threats”. The location of this option might differ in other mobiles.


Please note this will also disable warning of any virus program. As long as the mobile is not downloading apps from Unknown sources, its fine.

2. Hide Icon

Make sure no icon is displayed on the app drawer. Application can also be hidden via third party apps.

3. Disable Notification of App

Disable all notification so that users are not notified by the app of any activity. You can long tap on notification when it appears and select “Stop Notification” and it wont appear again.

4. Disable Anti Virus Alert

Even some of the anti virus programs will display virus/malware/PUP alerts for spy program even though they are not malware or virus. To disable these either uninstall the anti-virus or mark the program as safe and disable any future warning for that specific program.


  1. Son, Nguyen Reply

    How to stop annoying notification of “Potential app – settings” in Samsung Galaxy S6 with Android 5.0 Lollipop ? I could not find where to disable the notification.
    Thank you.

    1. Trish Reply

      I didnt instapll this ..i swear i didnt no it was smith.im getting it from both ends.katman please …no harm.problem resolved isnt a problem at all

  2. Shahul Reply

    I installed the application in my wifes phone. It worked well. Now when i send request to retrieve it says sending failed. User must have uninstalled the app on device. Tell me how I can get the call details again.

    I installed the app when she was with me in Africa. Now that she has gone to India, I cant access her phone for two months.

    Please help. I am ready to pay any fes if it can be reinstalled anonymously.


    1. Srihari Reply

      You cannot install it remotely. She might have uninstalled the app. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done.

  3. Kitty Reply

    I have not receive any recorded calls in over 10 hrs. How long does it take to send an email or when will it be ready?

  4. A.y Reply

    Why won’t the hide app feature work for Galaxy 4. The option won’t show at the top like it does with the galaxy 6. What to do to hide the icon?

  5. Tigger Reply

    If you need to access the app again ager bring installed and you’ve selected hide icon, how can you access it. On youryour utter application you dial a number and it will interface with it and open.

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  7. skb Reply

    just tell me how do you earn from these apps? I haven’t seen any ad or premium plan.. then how? do u sell our data?

    1. Srihari Reply

      Hi, We dont sell any data (not even your email ids). Ads put on apps are disabled by AdMob. We will be putting new Ads soon.

  8. tushar Reply

    how I get full apps in my lifetime?
    using this apps few day then the apps say give a payment.
    so how I get free spy apps life time. is it possible.?

  9. Vinoth Reply

    Hi Srihari,
    The issue I am facing is, when I send the command to get the update, I am not receiving recorded calls on the site and the email notification as well. When I check the mobile, app is still exists and it has data connection too.
    Then I unregistered and then reinstalled the app, it works fine.
    But this is happening offen (every day)
    How to overcome this issue ??
    Why it fails to respond the command ??

    Can you please help me with this.

  10. lolla Reply

    I installed the application in my sister phone. It worked well. Now when i send request to retrieve it says sending failed. User must have uninstalled the app on device.in over 8 day. Tell me how I can get the call details again.

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