Track My Phone:

This is really Great. Someone stole my phone and I trac it down with this app and recovered it within 2 hours. Person sold my phone to eco-atm and called cop and they opened the machine there was my phone. Thanks

Harish Pithadia




I love this app!! My daughters phone has been taken multiple times at school and been missing for days before it shows up. Happened again today, but we found it within 10 minutes!

Dana Perfect



Thief Tracker

Awesome!!!!!!!! Wow!!! Been the biggest skeptic on planet earth, I juz purposely miss entered my own password and it took my pic#wow!!! Great! !# thanks

Ozinga Carlor



I never expect this, it is wonderful application, I really love it.

Kairo Moses



Oh my Gosh!! Really it delivered what it says. Too good to be true. Most accurate app of its kind.

Lahm Beck


Wow this is good its the best app i see around i endorse it an u dont even have to pay a dime its for poor poeple

Jeffery Mcdougal



when i hear about this app i think is a joke i purposely type rong pin 3timsWOOW Could u imagine my phone start shouting nd snap my pix. fear catch me. Wow u tooo much. I lov it

Ajoss Maduabuchi




A v v v v good app my friends were trying to open my phone the alarm blow and also took their pictures just for tapying the wrong passsword wow!!!!!!!!! Is great app i like it

Charles Joe Sabah



This is an absolulty wonderfull app. I have lost my phone millions of times and i wasnt even looking for this app. I tried it on 3 people and its great. I give this app 100% a 5 star

Jasmean Wallace




Wow! very good app,neva new ther was actually an app called Thief Tracker it works…Galaxy S3.

Ahad Ali




Busted my 11 year old nicking my phone. Love it! I haven’t laughed this much in ages. Brilliant app, works perfectly.

Audrey Riches



Bloody great Always worked great for me im really happy with this app even tho I take loads of pictures of me usually half asleep lol thanks for the app guys.

Joanne Shannon


Spy Audio

Rating Wonderfull amazing its an amazing app i just want to say thankyou to the developers to create such a very amazing app and i want some thing more in it if u can develop just try to collect the human voice only it records every thing some time the voice of other thing hide the voice of our person if u can do it i will b oblidged to you always after all i suggest to everyone to try this app after it u will newer try to search any other app

youha sayyed


Perfect I woulve never caught my cheating bf without this app! Love it!

Vee M


Good enough This is the only app I could find that allows you to record from target phone remotely as well as record surroundings.

Turtle York


Spy Video

Registered in 30 seconds. Tried it out. It worked like a charm. I’m going to love this thing. Simple. Uncluttered. Uncomplicated.

William Hardin

Srihari Karanth is an active developer and Founder of TrackMyPhones. He is a former Software Architect in Global MNC. He now works on building new innovative mobile applications and websites. You can reach him at Srihari@TrackMyPhones.com

Website: https://TrackMyPhones.com

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