Track My Phone – Android App

Track My Phone Android App

Track My Phone” and “Track My Phone Pro” Apps helps recover your mobile when lost or it can simply be used to track mobile from website real-time.

Many of users have already found their lost mobile. So its important you keep the app installed in your mobile at all times. There will be no impact on battery as the app runs only when you initiate command from web.

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Following are the features of “Track My Phone”

1. Get Location – get location of your device even when the device is not with you
2. Take pic from front/back camera. The pic will be emailed to your registered email address.
3. Enable or disable mobile data on your device
4. Ring Loud – even when the volume of the mobile is low, a siren will be played with full volume
5. Scare – puts a scary pic on the mobile for 3 seconds along with a screaming voice
6. Show message – displays a message text composed by you on the screen
7. Call – calls the number from the mobile
8. Get Location – gets the current location of the device and displays it using Google Maps
9. Lock your device. This needs admin privileges.
10. Change PIN of your device. This also needs admin privileges.
11. Vibrate – vibrates your device for 5 sec

All above features are available via web. If you want to operate your mobile via SMS, you need to use “Track My Phone Pro” Version. Following are the additional features supported in “Track My Phone Pro” App.

12. Capture a 30 sec video
13. Enable/Disable Wifi
14. Enable/Disable mobile data
15. Enable/Disable GPS
16. Send SMS from the website (which will send the SMS from your device in the background)
17. Whenever failed unlock attempts are made to unlock your device, you will get a pic from the front camera to your device. Also, the mobile will play loud siren upon successive failed unlock attempt (by default it is 3 successive failed attempts – can be changed in the settings of the app)
18. Get SIM change notification SMS. You will receive a SIM change notification SMS to a pre-configured number. So whenever a SIM is changed, you will know the new phone number of the device so you can get in touch with the thief instantly.

The last feature will help you get back your mobile when its stolen and thief replaces the SIM with new SIM. Our app will detect at the boot whether there is a SIM change and if it is then it will send one SMS from new SIM to a pre-registered number.

Steps for Installation and registration:

1. Install the app in your mobile from Google Play
2. Register by providing an email ID and PIN (no spam mails guaranteed).
3. Log in at (tmp for Track My Phone) providing the same email ID and PIN

That’s it. Your mobile is now ready to be tracked remotely. All the features are totally free.

How to Uninstall:

Please note that to Uninstall the app you need to deactivate admin privileges that you have provided to the app. To do that, you need to open the app and click on deactivate button and then uninstall.

How to use these features:

When you want to keep track of your dependent:

Install the app in your kids phone or Spouse phone (with their permission ofcourse) and check from website where they are and what they are doing. You can alert them if you want to say something just by entering the message. If you think they are in wrong company, just enter your number and the mobile will call you without the user getting to know and you can hear the conversation. If you just want to check who all with them take a picture from front and back camera. If you just want to warn them subtly, ring alarm. If you want to play a prank, Scare by using our Scare your friends feature.

When you want to track lost mobile:

Install the app on your mobile and test all features once so that you are aware of the working and can make best use of it when its lost. Incase your mobile gets stolen or lost, try calling to your number from another phone if it works then there are good chances of knowing about the thief and/or location of your mobile. If GPRS/3G is disabled then you can enable it by sending SMS (list below). First change pin so that thief is not able to use it. then get the location and picture from front camera. Take few picture from back camera as well. Once done, show message on the mobile asking him to call back to another number. If thief tries to change the SIM, you will get SMS to pre-configured number and you can call back to that number. Incase everything fails to get response from thief and you have enough evidence about him (Pictures and location) we advice you to go to police station. Directly trying to meet thief can be dangerous.

SMS Command List (works only with “Track My Phone Pro”)

To get the location of the device send this SMS to your device:
TMP PIN locate

If your PIN is 1234, then the SMS will be ‘TMP 1234 locate’. SMS reply will be send to the number from which the SMS was sent:

To play loud siren send this SMS:
TMP PIN siren

To show scare pic send this SMS:
TMP PIN scare

To take pic from front camera send this SMS:
TMP PIN picfront

To take pic from back camera send this SMS:
TMP PIN picback

To capture a video for 30 sec, send this SMS:
TMP PIN capturevideo

To enable mobile data (GPRS/2G/3G) send this SMS:
TMP PIN enablemobiledata

To disable mobile data (GPRS/2G/3G) send this SMS:
TMP PIN disablemobiledata

To lock the screen send this SMS:
TMP PIN lockscreen

To change the device PIN (not the app’s) send this SMS:
TMP PIN changepin newPIN


  1. Rainne Reply

    I am not receiving call recordings anymore all the sudden and also when i track the phone it still says it is in the same place as is was at 5:pm and i know the phone has moved does this mean the app was uninstalled

  2. محمد Reply

    انا ادخلت هذا التطبيق في هاتفي لكن لا اعرف كيف اتعقبه الى اين اذهب وادخل البريد والرقم السري اريد شرح طريقه الاستخدام

  3. Malik Reply

    I used for product for a while. It’s has too many loopholes. It’s does not working properly > Android 4.0 versions. What ever pics and videos it talking it’s showing in gallery so obviously he/she will get doubt and delete app. And I didn’t see app hide option. Anyway it’s kind of good app but not up to mark.

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