Women Safety App

With increasing number of violence against women world wide, its becoming important for women to have a defense which would alert dear once and get immediate help or at-least identify the culprits when in distress.

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Women Safety Android App helps notify friends and family members, of your location, picture of the surrounding (both front and back camera), Audio/Video of about 30 sec to 2 min and loud Siren, with just a push of a button.

How it Works?

User has to install the App on their android phone and add close family and friends mobile numbers and Email Ids which will be used to alert when user raises an alarm.

The app has 3 circles: Red (Panic), Orange (Suspicious) and Green (Report Normal).

Code Red
You can configure red to send Location, Picture, Video of 30 sec to 2 min and loud Siren. When user is in distress he/she has to click on the red button that will start fetching details and send SMS to all numbers configured and upload to our cloud and send link to email.

Code Orange
User should press the Orange button when she is suspicious of the environment just to keep dear once posted of location and surrounding.

Code Green
Green is to report everything as normal, just in case user wants to alert their dependents periodically.

Make sure you install the app in your, your sisters and parents mobile and have a run through once. Although we wish you never get into such situation but if you ever do you will be better prepared to handle it.

If you have suggestions or an idea on how to make Women more safe we will be happy to hear and add it to this app, do let us know in the comment below.

Srihari Karanth is an active developer and Founder of TrackMyPhones. He is a former Software Architect in Global MNC. He now works on building new innovative mobile applications and websites. You can reach him at Srihari@TrackMyPhones.com

Website: https://TrackMyPhones.com

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this app was detected by the vaccine. names ‘V3 Mobile Plus 2.0’
would you have any plan for update for this issue?

and this app’s name was ‘Audio Rec’, have you any plan to change this app?

and also, When using this app, is there a way not to disturb other apps such as other recordings, video recordings, and VOIP?


Hello app is not installing it opens like a zipped folder and there are so many other folders in kbs or said unable to open why kindly guide?

Mister A
Mister A

Hi Srihari, The Call Recorder is working fine on one of the device but suddently stopped pulling Audio Files from another 2nd device. It was pulling on the new device earlier but has suddenly stopped i guess after that phone was done with a OS update. Target phone is Samsung S8 running Pie with latest update done 2 days ago. Pl advice a solution for the same. Should i uninstall and reinstall the app there?


Hello Srihari,
Thanks for this wonderful app. It helped in saving my marriage by taking precautions. Stay blessed.
Could you keep the name as Record Audio or anything not beginning with the letter A. It shows up in the top of the list of Apps and my spouse commented that the icon looks scary.