Women Safety App

With increasing number of violence against women world wide, its becoming important for women to have a defense which would alert dear once and get immediate help or at-least identify the culprits when in distress.

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Women Safety Android App helps notify friends and family members, of your location, picture of the surrounding (both front and back camera), Audio/Video of about 30 sec to 2 min and loud Siren, with just a push of a button.

How it Works?

User has to install the App on their android phone and add close family and friends mobile numbers and Email Ids which will be used to alert when user raises an alarm.

The app has 3 circles: Red (Panic), Orange (Suspicious) and Green (Report Normal).

Code Red
You can configure red to send Location, Picture, Video of 30 sec to 2 min and loud Siren. When user is in distress he/she has to click on the red button that will start fetching details and send SMS to all numbers configured and upload to our cloud and send link to email.

Code Orange
User should press the Orange button when she is suspicious of the environment just to keep dear once posted of location and surrounding.

Code Green
Green is to report everything as normal, just in case user wants to alert their dependents periodically.

Make sure you install the app in your, your sisters and parents mobile and have a run through once. Although we wish you never get into such situation but if you ever do you will be better prepared to handle it.

If you have suggestions or an idea on how to make Women more safe we will be happy to hear and add it to this app, do let us know in the comment below.

Srihari Karanth is an active developer and Founder of TrackMyPhones. He is a former Software Architect in Global MNC. He now works on building new innovative mobile applications and websites. You can reach him at Srihari@TrackMyPhones.com

Website: https://TrackMyPhones.com

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The location is not turning on


I’mnot able to load beyond 3 numbers because with fourth entry it deletes the first . kindlyhelp


I have the same issue, please add ability to have more than 3 contacts in SMS Text list


How do I cancel if it’s in process? Its just scrolling. I tried uninstalling and that isn’t working either.
Thank you


Uninstalling the app does not remove traces of me. It recognizes my name and email. Once you activate the alarm it goes through a check list and adds a green error when complete (text, pic, video, GPS location) Mine never completed the entire checklist, just continuously “scrolling” as if it’s trying to work, but it’s stuck.



Danielle Brown

Question. How many contacts can I add? As I only see three numbers in settings.

Anindita chakraborty

Its just1 giving option to add 3 button plz give more option to add pun..no.

Erica Auten

I only see the option for email, not a phone number.


All ur app just awesome nothing more keep
Going u will be so pop
More than u know

emma forster

What if perseon it unable yo take phone out poket maybe u should be able to shake phone or something to get it to work instead of haveing to press the cuolur


Works great with SmartWatch, never need to touch your phone.

Surabhi Rao

How do I configure the app to coordinate with my phone power buttons? It might not be possible to switch on the phone in emergencies.


The camera and video option doesn’t work. I have an android. Samsung Galaxy note 4s
Advice on how to fix, please.


The camera and video feature doesn’t work. I have a Samsung Galaxy note 4s. How can I fix this?

Mylene Ong

I’m just wondering if the SMS is free to me even if the person is in the other state?

Thank you


What happens if the attacker takes your phone away?


Buy and use with SmartWatch then you can have phone hidden away, attacker will never know you sent a text asking for help


This is a great app. Thank you.
I installed it on my grandkids phones and my parents phones.

Every child should have this and know how to use it.


Does this App also works in, for example, Germany?

Does it connects to the police? I have tried the alarm and everything so I’ve put my mum in my setting. At first i wanted put for the police but i cancelled it so would the police be notify if i cancelled? What does the alarm do?

If I want to test it works it won’t alert the police will it? Only the people i have on the app? Also do they need to have the app for it to work or not?

safa sayed thota

I hav bymistakely used the bottons… will it create any issue


I reciently switched phones from, LG G2 with Asus Zen Watch 2 worked great, but now I am using a Moto G4 with my ASUS Zen watch2 and the app on watch and also phone do not send any SMS text, ,can you help me get it to work on new phone and watch.


Never mind, I went into settings and had to turn on permissions. All is working great with both phone and SmartWatch. Works great with SmartWatch and I can leave phone in pocket or packed away and have hands free but can still call for help with app on SmartWatch

Kelly Schoeplein

Do you have to have your location on for this to work or will it turn on the location itself?
Thank you.

Thank you for this app right now in a situation that requires a little time to get out of and this app has given me so much security thank you again

All pakistan

Latent version of android doesn’t t allow apps to turn on localocation gps


Is this app not for ÚPS?

Asuako Emmanuel

is it capable of recording voice calls?


Hello how can I add my wife to to amazing app


All apps are working perfectly thanks bro but I want to use as a paid user then how can I pay you from Bangladesh, ⛑️ (I have no credit crd, paypal facility also)


Oh really good….. But i wishing more facilities available…..

Sir please tell me, will the app stopp working if the device gets restarted?


What if we need help and don’t want the siren to sound as to not alert an asalent that we are signaling for help? Is there a way to shut off the siren so that it does not go off when pushing the red button?


I have a long term stalker set off the alarm several times need records for police my stalker wiped my phone after he admitted to stalking can you tell me how to get my message I sent its complicated the person I sent it to turns out to be planted by him the stalker.


I can’t seem to add anyone when it says to add a contact, whenever i press on it,it keeps saying i have no contacts.. Can someone help please

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