Forgot Login Password to an App? Retrieve Here

Registered to one of our app but forgot the Pin/Password? Use the below form to retrieve it.

Just select the app for which you have registered and enter the email Id. The Pin/Password will be sent to your email Id.

Please note if you have forgotten your email Id then we will not be able to retrieve your login information. You are advised to register again.

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Email Id:


    1. Srihari Reply

      To register to any app on our website, first you have to download the app on your mobile device (or on the device you want to track), open the app and register by specifying email id and pin. Enter your email id and not of the device you are installing it on. Once that is done you can track the device online from our website.

    1. Srihari Reply

      Have you installed “Track My Phone” app on the device? Else its not possible to get the location. You need to contact Police for that.

  1. sanjay Reply


    When i installed this app on mobile it gave an error saying installation blocked. this app is used for spying your phone. and it automatically stopped installing the app. pls help in this regards

  2. Voxy Reply

    My phone couldn’t register the app and kept displaying the message “registration failed check your Internet connection and try again later” yet the Internet connection is working very well. Please help.

  3. Sharilyn Reply

    I received a reply email about me not being able to log in. It contained my username and password. I have carefully tried to sign in with exact info, and the page still says invalid password. Please help!!

    1. Srihari Reply

      Hi, Which app you are referring to If you got the new password that means the app is active and you should be able to login. Looks like you are trying to login in some other page.

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