Remote Call Recorder does not work after inactivity?

Remote/Spy Call Recorder on the target device does not work after inactivity? Even after disabling Google security scan and virus scan? Then it must be because of Power settings of the device.

In most of the recent device, apps are not allowed to work in background when the device is idle. This is to extend the battery life. Apps will only work when the device is active. And if the power saver app kills the running apps for running in background there will be no other way but to reinstall Remote Call Recorder.

Fortunately, there are ways with which you can either disable this power settings or add the required app as Whitelist to be allowed to run in background.

Below is the list of Device and their corresponding power setting screenshot. Please note that these are external links.

Some Android 8 Phones
OnePlus and Huwei Android 8 updates have bugs that puts apps to sleep even if they have on going notification. Try disabling battery saving mode for ACR if you experience such issue.

Huawei Android 6

Huawei Android 7/8











OPPO Android 8 and above




Samsung ultra data saving




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Thank you Sir..


I already installed this app to my phone , okay fine it works perfectly few hours after setup but it doesn’t work long time such as might be more than 5h. Plz help me how to solve that problem .


I already installed this app to my phone ,install successfully and i see the log of record files but no file send to me in site or my email id. Plz help me how to solve that problem .


Thanks, but I install audio recorder and, recorded file are saved in setting folder, but I can not pull file in Web site

Richie Roy

Will the app still record and save calls on targets phone when internet is off.

MADRID Perrantes

How can I hide the app on the target phone so it won’t be seen?

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