Remote Call Recorder – Free Android Spy App

“Remote Call Recorder” helps you record a phone conversation discreetly and listen to it online. Install the app on the target mobile, register and you will be able to pull recorded files from website.

Following are the features of Spy Call Recorder:
✔ Captures calls silently without the user getting to know.
✔ Capture any number or duration of calls.
✔ Upload notification will be sent to registered email id along with the call records pulled
✔ Call records are hidden in the mobile and will not be listed in any media players.
✔ Receive reminder notification of calls in mobile once in awhile.
✔ Support for large number of android devices.
✔ 24×7 Support.

Login URL:
Download URL (Version 10): Click Here
Old Version 9 Download: Click Here

How to use:
Install the app on your mobile, if you wish to install the app on someone else mobile, you would need the access to the mobile for 2 minutes. Download the hide icon version directly from website to the mobile. Click on the apk and register by specifying your email id and password.

Check settings to enable call recording and pulling of files from server. And dont forget to hide icon.

You can now login to website at and start pulling recorded files by clicking on “Get Call Records” button. You will receive mail with the call records pulled from your mobile with call time and other party number. Only 10 files will be pulled at a time so you might need to click on the button multiple times depending on how frequently you are pulling the files.

Even if you forget to pull files from server, don’t worry, it will be hidden in mobile and wont be accessible to any media player as per the new update.

To delete all captured call records from server:
If you wish to delete all your records you can click on “Delete all records” link at the bottom of the display page.

Unhide App Icon:
To unhide application icon dial *888* (including stars).

To disable security alerts, read the blog here.

Steps to Install:
1. Download the app into target mobile via the above link. You can also connect USB cable to laptop and transfer it via laptop to one folder.
2. Install the app by clicking/tapping on the apk file. If installation from external source is not enabled then enable download from external source in settings.
3. Open the app and register by specifying Email id and Pin/Password.
4. Once registered, click on settings and make sure ‘Hide Icon’ option is enabled if you wish to hide the icon. The icon will be hidden after 10 sec. If the icon is not hidden even after a minute then try restarting the phone.
5. Make sure Google Scan and Virus scan is disabled. Check this link for more details:
6. Thats it, now you are set to record and receive call records online from website.
7. To test it, try making a call to a number and talk for few seconds. Login to And click on ‘Get Call Records’. You should receive a mail to your email id after few seconds with the details of the call.

Recording calls are completely mobile specific. It might work in some mobiles and might not work in some other. We have tested it in Samsung S3, S4 and S2 and in LG Nexus 5. The app is told to record only one sided voice in some mobile and fail to record in some. We are working on it to make it compatible with as many mobile versions as possible.

Troubleshooting tips:
If call recorder is not working check for the following points:
1. If app is crashing with “Application Record Failed” check if any other call recorder is installed.
2. If long duration calls are not getting recorded check if battery saving apps are installed.
3. To check if call recorder is still working, go to SD card, check “.settings1” folder to see records are stored in there. if not then call recorder is not recording any calls. Check if call recorder is still installed by dialing *888*. if nothing comes up then app is uninstalled from mobile.
4. If app is still installed, then open the app and close it and test by making a call and see if you get records in “.settings1” folder.
5. Audio File size is too small: This happens when 2 or more call recorders are running. The first call recorder will acquire the mic and the other call recorder will exit with an error, creating only 0 kb files. SO make sure there are no other call recorders running. Some mobile now has built-in call recorders so you will have to disable those as well.
6. No Records are uploaded: This could happen for 2 reasons. Either app is uninstalled. Or App is force closed. If app is force closed then you will have to open the app once for it to start working. If the app icon is hidden then you cannot open it, in that case you will have to login via browser, unregister, then in app find the app under settings and uninstall. Then download apk, install and register with old email id.

If you have any other query not answered in this blog kindly mention it in the comment section below with necessary details or mail to Dont forget to mention Mobile model, and result of the above troubleshooting tips, else it will be very difficult to tell what exactly is wrong.

Srihari Karanth is an active developer and Founder of TrackMyPhones. He is a former Software Architect in Global MNC. He now works on building new innovative mobile applications and websites. You can reach him at



  1. EM Reply

    i want to get back two deleted calls by mistake, how can i do that?
    does the calls still exist on my mobile even after deletion

    1. Srihari Reply

      Hi EM, Since these are confidential files we dont keep a backup. It will not be possible to get the files back once deleted.

  2. reb Reply

    Hi. I recorded calls for month but just set upbemmail. Hoe can I get the old calls sent to email or download from cell to laptop? Thx!!!

  3. joey Reply

    i assume these recordings go on the phone as a file and then u upload them thru yiur server…..when i delete them from your server, do they auto delete from the phone, or do the files stay on the phone and keep on using more and more of the phone drive?

    1. Srihari Reply

      Good question, all recordings are stored on the phone, once you request for pull from server it will be deleted from phone and uploaded to server. So if you Dont pull for long time files might be accumulated on your mobile else there is no worry.

  4. NARENDER Reply

    not working in gionee phones.only call details are visible. record file are of only 32kb
    and not playing in vlc media player.
    please reply.

    1. gita Reply

      What kind of damage does it or this kind of software do cause to the handset.. As ur replying to queries i got a kind of faith on u….so bro plz b honest….. And also this is a must sftwre for me as i doubtmy spouse

      1. Srihari Reply

        No damage is done to mobile, its just a software to record calls and upload. If you are using for spying purpose i would adive to test it once as few mobile are not compatible with this app.

    1. Srihari Reply

      Nobody deletes an account. Only you can. You probably trying in a different URL to login. Which app you installed and registered and what’s the URL you are trying to login?

    2. Tuyen Reply

      Does Lookout Mobile security pick this up as spyware?? I tried using another app on my spouse’s phone and his Lookout mobile security flagged it as spyware. Then it gave him the option to delete the file thru the Lookout app. So he deleted it.

  5. Tiye Reply

    Hi I am having trouble getting the call records to play .. they are showing up as files that have 0 bytes and even with following the instructions written on the page the files aren’t playing in the VLC player software I have downloaded to my computer. The player isn’t recognizing the files when you add them and Quicktime doesn’t understand the files as well .. Windows media player will not play it as well .. it states that the files are corrupt or are missing codecs. I have tried to use Windows Media Player, Quicktime, Media Player Classic and even tried to use DivX to repair the missing codecs and nothing has worked for me .. . please help me fix this .. also the app triggers a sound to the target phone when records are requested to be pulled from the phone .. which defeats the purpose of the app operating in ” hidden mode” .. I’ve set everything up per the instructions to make sure the app was installed by downloading the hidden version of the app … please tell me what player will work better or what else I can do to get the files to play correctly ..

    1. Srihari Reply

      The audio is not mp3 its amr. Although the extension is still mp3. Most browser will not understand it. You can play it from your mobile browser. Or you need to download and play it on VLC player. You can also install QuickTime plugin to your browser that might help streme I have not tried this though.

      1. Mharvic Reply

        Hi, I can’t play all the pulled out calls from my CP in desktop, using VLC or Quick time plug-in. How can I play it in my computer? If this is AMR but the extension is MP3, what player should I used? Because, even in Windows media player it is not working

  6. Joker Reply

    It is downloading calls in seconds only. Last night, I had a recorded call of 10 minutes. Today, I uploaded it and found that its duration is of 30 seconds only. I am using Galaxy S2.

    1. Srihari Reply

      Hi, Are you using some kind of battery saving apps? These apps tend to kill background non system apps. You need to add Spy Call Recorder in the exclusion list of battery saving app if that is the case.

      1. Mathi Reply

        I can not fine settings1 folder in sd card. Where I can find recorded files without internet access in my phone.

    1. Srihari Reply

      Earlier version of the app used to increase the volume to full before start of the call that used to record both side voice clearly but many complained that they were hearing a loud beep (due to increase in volume) and that was making the app unusable. Now that is removed so to hear the other side voice you need to ensure that your mic volume is full. Will try to add this as an option in config whether or not to increase volume before call record in future release.

    1. Srihari Reply

      Its “.settings1” starts with “.”. Directories that starts with “.” are hidden by default. You need to use some file explorer that shows these directories.

      You can also see the full path after every call in the popup message.

    1. Srihari Reply

      You need to download the hide icon version. And enable the option to hide icon and disable the option to show notification inside app settings.

  7. gelgel Reply

    i have problem with file that more than 20 minutes it play silently with out voice even by VLC player and mobile player ,

  8. parthiban Reply

    It doesn’t work. The message ‘ unfortunately call rec has been stopped ‘ is coming. the recorded files stored in the folder settings 1 does not play

    1. Srihari Reply

      I have observed that this message appears when we are using more than one call recorder. If you have installed any other call recorder you need to uninstall that. Also if you are using any battery saver app add spy call recorder in the exclusion list so that battery saving app doesn’t kill Spy Call Recorder when its running in background.

  9. VP Reply

    Is this utility work on Samsung Note2 N7000 mobile? If so should I need to enable call record option in the target phone? Please confirm.

  10. VP Reply

    If target phone doesn’t have sd card installed then also is this utility record the calls and store the recorded files on target phone?

  11. VP Reply

    Yesterday I’ve installed the app on target phone and make number of calls. But I am not getting any call recording on my email. Secondly getting error ‘ unfortunately call rec has been stopped ‘ on target phone while getting call records.

  12. James Reply

    Im having an issue with the audio. The program is capturing the audio and uploading it to the website but VLC player does not read it. Quick-Time does not read it. On my GSIII ES Media Player and Google Media Player recognize the file but when they play there is only a few seconds of audible background noise and then it just starts to buzz. Please help!

  13. Silvano Julio Reply

    I am trying to use it in a Samsung GT-S5301L with android 4.0.4. It records but when I want o play de audio, it sounds very fast. so such as an squirrel. Do you know what can I do? regards.

  14. Samba siva Reply

    Your app is excellent and working fine on Samsung galaxy Y. Its icon and notifications are hidden working fine. But one can easily get to know its a call recorder by seeing its icon and name in taskmanager or app manager and can be uninstalled. So to avoid this can u please change its icon and rename it as “play security” or ” Android security” something like that. Can you please do make the changes and send me that APK to my mail. As a your a developer its not a big task for you.

    ThankQ sooo much in advance.

  15. Bava Reply

    Your app is excellent and working fine But one can easily get to know its a call recorder by seeing its icon and name in taskmanager or app manager and can be uninstalled. So to avoid this can u please change its icon and rename it as Android security” something like that. Can you please do make the changes and send me that APK to my mail. As a your a developer its not a big task for you. Its very important and you can save once life from bad things

  16. vinay jaiswal Reply

    hi sir, recorded calls are showing on spy call recorder website, but i m not able to listen on website and its showing file is corrupt when trying to download.

    1. Srihari Reply

      Did you right click on download and select ‘save as’? Your browser will not understand amr format. You need to download and play it in VLC player as instructed.

  17. vicky Reply

    thanks sri hari ji
    means when we login to admin for pull file that time data connection is on in victim”s mobile
    2nd question is where is the recording file in mobile if we want to see can we see ???

  18. chanel taylor Reply

    Hi I am having difficulty signing in on a desktop and my mobile it keeps saying invalid email ID but when accessed from target phone it works can you help me figure out how to access from another mobile and desktop please?

    1. Srihari Reply

      If it works from mobile it should work from website as well as both are the same page. Are you trying to login via the same app page? Hope you are not going to some other app page and trying to login from there.

  19. harveer singh Reply

    this is the great app but the only problem is the name appears in the app list in the settings or app plz can u rename the app and send it to my mail id?
    A big and heartly thanks to you in advance.You are doing great job by saving my lives.

    1. Srihari Reply

      You can’t play old records from app directly. Go to “.settings1” folder under SD card and play from there or pull files to server and play from your laptop.

  20. Karan Sharma Reply

    trackmyphone though is hidden in desktop, it shows in Settings – Application list. If not completely hidden, Could you please make it appear with another name like Settings or Security etc.
    Thanks and regards

  21. Wise Soul Reply

    This application existing in Application list in the name of “Call Rec” which sounds still suspicious. Can you please rename it to some general name ? Like sys, androidsys….. something like that….

  22. Wise Soul Reply

    I installed SpyCallRecorder_7_Hide_Icon.apk on my cell. After each call, it is showing message on my notification bar that this call has been recorded, please visit ……………. path for the file. I checked the settings but notification was not enabled there…

    There is no use if notification appears. Please advice.

    1. Srihari Reply

      The settings will have option to disable notification. I am not sure how can it can still show even when its disabled. Its been tested properly. Kindly reply back with mobile model and vendor details for us to investigate.

  23. amarie Reply

    Is this compatible with a galaxy s5 and how long does the software record the calls and also will it be able to record if the target user is using a bluetooth?

    1. Srihari Reply

      This app is compatible with Galaxy 5. The calls will be recorded as long as you speak and as long as u have space on your mobile. Status of Bluetooth has nothing to do with recording. Wonder why you asked that.

  24. BADE SHAIK Reply

    I hide this app from applist. But only problem is..It is showing calrec in application manager. Then the victim will know that all calls are recording. So, Please change the app name to some systemresource name in application manager. This will help us more sir. Thanks in advance.

  25. Suhan Reply


    What will happen if the phone memory is full? Will it throw any error notifications visible to the user of the phone?

    I am also worried that the call logs will show up in any disk space analysis .. Any way to escape that if the phone happens to be offline for a long time ?

    1. Srihari Reply

      Hi Suhan, the app will exit without any error, it won’t crash. The folder starts with “.” So its hidden. But some file explorer might show it. The size of even half an hour call will not be more than 3mb.

      1. Suhan Reply

        thanks for the resonse Srihari. One more query if you dont mind:

        Phone recording has suddenly stopped for last 2-3 days. The app is hidden, so there is no way it would have been uninstalled in the target phone. What could be the reason?

        Will a simple restart of the phone restart recordings? Or do I have to uninstall and reinstall again?

        Please help on this urgent issue.

  26. Sergio Reply

    Hey, spy-call-recorder works OK with my galaxy fame, only issue I have is that doesn’t capture the call from the beginning. I would say that few seconds are missing., Please advise? Thanks 🙂

  27. Mauro Reply

    I use this app installed in an Acer Liquid Z5 Duo. All the mp3 files saved from calls have a same length (16kb) and the 3gp format header code (“ftyp3gp4” at beginning).
    So, what is wrong? Any phone configuration??? Thx;

  28. alireza Reply

    When we set the command and files are uploaded on the server, do they delete from the phone automatically or they accumulate on the phone?

  29. Sagacious Reply

    I just installed the hide icon version in my huawei G610. Calls are beind stored in phones memory and can not be played back even with android vlc player. Calls being in phone memory, i cant not copy them in my laptop (cuz when i connect my cellphone with laptop, only sd card contents are shown). Please help.
    Thanks and regards.

  30. Sunsoft Reply

    I have installed on Galaxy Ace Nxt, and it was working for 2 days and stop working. Application is already there but I can’t see any files are getting upload to the server.
    Please advise.

  31. Bhavesh Reply

    Hi, Delete button is work for all the records, instead if you provide selection for delete or you can provide Move to inbox for selected records and then we will delete all. the purpose is, lets say i have 50 calls recorded in my list i want 3 to be kept and rest all i want to delete. so currently i have to download each file locally and then only i can delete from the server.

  32. maya Reply

    i have a problem with this app .. it keeps telling me that the voice is saved on my sd card in .settings .. can not find it at all .. even can not create a folder with this name cause it is already there .. hidden .. how i show it ?

  33. Surya Reply

    HI Srihari,
    I have installed ‘Hide Icon Version’ app in the target mobile and on the first day I got all the call recordings and call details, however I am not getting anything from second day. Though the target mobile is having mobile data and will be connected to good wifi connection most of the time. I am hitting on Execute Command button selecting “Get call Records” all the time. Can I see the call recording in target mobile itself. Please help me on this, its very urgent.

  34. Sandy Reply

    Excellent app. Using it on samsung galaxy note 3. Works fine but I can only hear the target phone & not the other one. Please help. Thank u

  35. crystal Reply

    I can get to request emails but it doesent send my request to my email it worked fine for cok weeks then dowbloaded audio app n regestered wit sam . Email and it stopped sending my recorded calls. I need them wut i do

  36. Rajesh Reply

    I have hided the icon. Now how can I change any settings that I want to? Like if I want to change the time interval for gathering location info.

    Secondly, if I don’t have sd card on the phone, where would recorded calls will be saved. I don’t see it anywhere on mobile not on server?

  37. nipun fernando Reply

    is this app safety…can anyone get the recorded calls without my permition…(like hack)….when i delete recorded calles from webpage,are the calls deleted permenetly(whithout saving the server)…thank u…..plz rpl me email….thank u

  38. alvin Reply

    Hi Sir admin.
    I have difficulty of having accurate call recorded on target phone, it’s only recorded a ratio of 3 out 5 calls,. And I only hear the voice of the person who using the phone, but can’t hear the other party line.
    And I have a question Sur Admin.
    if ever, after making a call and the user delete the number from call logs of the phone. it still be recorded to the server?
    And send the details to my account?

    Please help..
    Hoping your responce

    Thanks for this great apk

  39. karthik Reply

    Hi, the very first day i installed the app, I requested for the call records, I recieved a mail say no call records available. But im tring from the second day im not recieving any mails. what would b the problm, y rnt the mails cmng to my mail ID?

  40. Surya Reply

    Hi Sirhari,
    I had posted a question on March 18, 2015 at 7:25 am, referring to that, I found all the calls recording getting recorded in Phone memory in a folder called Recorder.
    I am using Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. I deleted Recorder folder to check whether calls recording get stored in “.Settings1” folder, however it recreates the Recorder folder in phone memory. What do I do? Please help me.
    Thanks a lot,

  41. alireza Reply

    I used to use your app and it was working fine, after a while I unistalled it. Now I installed it again and when I push “get call records” button, notification is sent to my email but there is no audio file in the browser.

  42. ab Reply

    I have micromax a 120. Files are getting recorded but of only 5 KB in size. And doesn’t open in VLC player. Kindly suggest

  43. kamall Reply

    i install call recorder in my samsung galaxy gt 5272 but its not recording call, i tried many time, but i cant find recordings in history or in sd card, can u please help me…..

  44. mharvic Reply

    Hi. This App is really great. And i ‘m happy I found it. And it’s free. Well, the only problem is after pulling out and receive notification in email and go back to my account, the audio file is not working. How can I listen to all recorded call? Even if I use VLC, it still didn’t work. Please help me on this.

  45. Raymond Reply

    Does this application works with the calls made when using Viber which is an app that lets you call for free to other Viber users?

  46. kojvla Reply

    I have problems , I get messages through your site with audio recording , but when you let them go through the VLC player , I can not hear , and files are only about 4-5kb ? Phone ALCATEL Idol 2

  47. paj4rag Reply

    sir.. ur app is superb but i have problem the call is recording only oneside other person voice cant hear ond 1 more thing is in my laptop i am not geting any result in call recorder or audio recorder., when i command in executive command its says request failed each time pls do help

  48. ash Reply

    Hi, i haveinstalled the app…but the manage apps application when opened shows all the apps installed and it clearly says spy call recorder….how do i hide the icone from app option also…

  49. roshan Reply


    I installed this app befor 4 days to my sons phone samsung s3 since yesterday it was working ok and now I can only get record audio files if I call from my number only both in and out I cant see any other record of other numbers

    Kindly help

  50. simran singh Reply

    Software is very good one problem I get is that this app is install as call recorder in phone so is there any way to change this name in android phone application manager.?

  51. roshan Reply


    Records not uploading to my e mail pls help I try few times to get call records but not working Im using the call and sms tracker also so I see the target phone has many calls but its not uploading to my e mail its not in my spam folder also

  52. Jimmy Reply

    Can I download it through the registered email I’d…rather than the target phones…. I mean if I know the id and password of the registered mobile….

    1. Srihari Reply

      Unfortunately no, as one need to register to the app by specifying email id and pin so we do need physical access to the phone at least for 2 minutes.

  53. Xyz Reply

    I downloaded it on my daughter’s mobile. Icon is hidden but its still showing in the settings>apps. How to hide from there. Otherwise anyone can discover it in the settings

  54. Manuel Reply

    In Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, how extensive much time recording? All conversation time or have any limitations? Thanks!!

    1. Srihari Reply

      Were you expecting any fee? Sorry to disappoint we don’t charge our customers. All are apps are free 🙂

  55. KMastan Reply


    this is very important- records only what is said on the target phone (sony xperia L). does not record what the other party is saying. please fix this- very urgent!


  56. Humberto Reply

    Does it work on iPhone? IPhone 5 for example.

    Is there any possibility to make it work on it in the near future?


  57. ahamad Reply

    can u suggest me, from Where I can download hide icon version and what’s the meaning of the access for 2 mints,,, plz, explain

    1. Srihari Reply

      You should be able to download from above URL itself.

      Regarding access for 2 min, you need to have the mobile in your hand to dowload the app, install it and register.

  58. rahul Reply

    I am getting an error while downloading
    it’s saying that you are having insufficient memory but I’m having lots of phone memory space.
    please rply me soon Mr.Srihari or provide me your contact detail so that I can contact u
    or if u want mine then please mail me as soon as possible. because I’m having lots of problems in my personal lyf

    1. Srihari Reply

      Try that has all in one tracking feature. That error you must be getting if space is full. Do try to clear space by deleting unwanted apps. App doesn’t give that error it must be the mobile. Are you able to install other apps, like angry birds or something?

  59. Ralf Reply

    Why “Delete all records” button disappeared in your page. I cannot delete any records . It was normally on the buttom of records page.
    Please fix this issue. I test it in all browsers IE, Firefox and Chrome.

    Thanks a lot

    1. Srihari Reply

      It’s still there. When you click on any audio it will take you to another page there you can delete all records.

  60. sam Reply

    I’ve installed app in my girlfriend ‘s fone she’s using samsung S5.i received mail also first it showed required vlc player I downloaded from Google playstore now again it’s showing vlc player encountered this media refresh the gallery….please tell me the solution to this. …

    1. Srihari Reply

      You can play directly on the phone. To play on phone you don’t need VLC player. Only to play on desktop you need VLC player.

    1. Srihari Reply

      Unfortunately Viber calls are not recorded. I am not aware of any app that records it secretly. Will let you know once i find it.

  61. Kavitha Reply

    Hi Srihari,
    I’m using your (TrackingSmartphone_Hidden) app. It is working as intended. I earlier installed it on a Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, which is no more. Later I installed it on a Samsung Grand Prime. I used the same email for registering on both devices. When I login to the website (, I’m able to see both devices. Today, I wanted to remove the earlier (Grand 2) device and on it’s page I clicked the “Delete account” button. It unfortunately deleted all my data for both phones and unregistered me from both phones. When I tried logging back into the website, it is asking me to register. However, the target phone (Grand Prime) is still replying when I SMS it for the last 5 calls. Request you to please help restore my login and account. Please advise.


  62. varun Reply

    Heyy… it is not getting registered on blackberry z10..
    Installed everthing is fine…
    But when i register it shows only loading… not gwting registered. .. please fix it …

  63. ADU DAVID Reply

    Hello, Thanks for this wonderful app. I have tried this app on a phone. But the issue is that the target phone usually have the recorded files appear on media player (music player) on the phone. Also, it leaves a setting icon on the phone. When the target clicks on it and could not get into the app because of its unknown password, when closing the app, it usually display a message like an advert on the face like (Other free and Interesting Apps) Friends tracker, Cell Tracker, Track my phone, Street Lens, Cell Tracker (Remote). All these will display in a screen with the exit and visit our website button down. If these appears the target person will quickly understand its a spying app on his phone. So its not secret any more.

    Pls I will suggest you find a way to completely make the app icon (settings) not to be seen on the phone. Let it be hidden completely. I will appreciate your response to this.

    I commend all your effort in putting this app together. Keep the good work going.

    1. Srihari Reply

      Hi David, thanks for your feedback. Regarding your concern:
      1. App icon can be hidden by going to app settings and enabling hide icon option. After that it will not be visible in app drawer and user will not be able to click it.
      2. Latest release of trackingsmartphone(4 days back) has more features. Records will not get listed in media players and even the folder is hidden.

      Request you to try the features out in your mobile first before putting in your dependents mobile.


  64. ambience Reply

    Hello, Thanks for this wonderful app
    I install Remote Call Recorder on Samsung galaxy grand I9082 rooted
    but only call details are visible. record file are of only 32kb and when play with vlc
    VLC can’t recognize the input’s format plz reply

  65. samy Reply

    hello I am having trouble getting the call records to play .. they are showing up as files have 0 bytes and even with following the instructions written on the page the files aren’t playing in the VLC player I have downloaded to my computer. The player isn’t recognizing the files . . please help me fix this .. also the app triggers a sound to the target phone when records are requested to be pulled from the phone .. which defeats the purpose of the app operating in ” hidden mode” .. I’ve set everything up per the instructions to make sure the app was installed by downloading the hidden version of the app … please tell me what player will work better or what else I can do to get the files to play correctly ..

  66. nazir s Reply

    not working in Samsung s3 mini phones.only call details are visible. Record file are of only 32kb
    and not playing in vlc media player.
    please reply

    1. Srihari Reply

      Hi Humberto, Unfortunately we have developed app only for Android devices. Will let you know when we have the app for iPhone as well.

  67. riya Reply

    i want to know any call recording app who can edit icon and name or dont show the app in phone setting app…..plz help me plzzzz

  68. Sagar Reply

    This is the great app. Its excellent.
    Only face one problem.
    Some call recording are miss, why this is so.
    After download to server, is file available in mobile ?

    1. Srihari Reply

      Hi Sagar, You need to click on “Get Call Records” button multiple times till you get “No Call records found” message in mail. Each request will pull only 10 files.

  69. Kishor Reply

    Very good app.
    Can you please change Name & icon of App which is visible in ‘Application Manager’
    If you do this , even if some one view ‘Application Manager’ then he/she can’t understand as that app for call record.


    It not sowing repeat call.means if I dial a number,And talk 5min, then again dail same number, and talk another 10 min.
    It sowing only the first call.
    Call recording also same thing happening.
    Manny time it not pulling data.
    Please help. ……

    1. Srihari Reply

      This is strange as i have not seen or heard about this problem before. Are you sure all your records are pulled? The server pulls only 10 records at a time so you need to pull it multiple times. Let me know if its still the case.

    1. Srihari Reply

      GCM Command is bit unpredictable, sometimes it delivers to mobile instantly and some other time it take hours. But once you have clicked on ‘Get Call Records’ sooner or later the command will be sent to mobile so you dont have to worry and just wait for the mail.

  71. Jawad Reply

    how to stop notification of getting files from mobile which comes in email..
    I want to stop email notification of uploaded files to server.

    1. Srihari Reply

      Unfortunately emails cannot be stopped, since the GCM command is bit unpredictable we need to have email functionality to notify users once its uploaded. You can however add a filter in Google Mail (if yours is gmail) to send mail to thrash if the subject line has specific keyword. Don’t mark it as spam or else you will never be able to receive mail in your inbox.

  72. Anoop Reply

    I have installed the app in my phone micromax nitro. The records show up on the website but do not play on any player. The size of record is only 5kb. Can you help how to solve this problem.

  73. val Reply

    Your app is great… !!! I wish to ask however, if the target mobile data was turned off when a call was made and later, the data was turned on. Would I be able to get that call that was made while the data was turned off?

    1. Srihari Reply

      To record calls you dont need to have internet on mobile, the app will record and save it one folder. But to pull calls from mobile you need to have Wi-Fi or Mobile internet.

  74. Muhammad Ahsan Reply

    I installed this app successfully on a cell phone. I get benefit for more about 15 days now if i click on GET CALL RECORDS. I dont receive receive call recods. But it’s account still logins from my web. moreover i have no access to that cell anymore.

  75. Ben Reply

    So far it works most of the time. The problem I’m having is incoming calls not being recorded and stopping when it goes to voicemail. All and all it has worked well.

  76. Martin Reply

    I had installed this app on my other phone huawei honor 6 and it was working well for about 15 days but suddenly for the past 3 – 4 days, there is no response. I am unable to view the calls made when i login here. Also, i tried to dial *888* and see the app but it is not displayed in the phone. On the app manager, there is an app called ‘call recorder’ and it is active. I downloaded the apk file and installed it once again but then nothing happened. The app did not open also. I am not sure what has gone wrong here. Pl suggest remedy.

  77. chie Reply

    every time i get call records it doesn’t give me the recorded files and also doesn’t send email before it was working properly but now i don’t know what happened.

  78. sathish Reply

    Dear Mr Srihari
    Iv been really experiencing lots of problem in recording in GT 19060 all in and out going calls get split into 2 incoming and outgoing and in bits and call is complete.Audi recording has the same problem ..I had no single issue in nearly one year
    Plz. Help at least tell if u Wil resolve this issue

  79. abc Reply

    Is this app support Samsung galaxy tab 3.
    I use this app since last 2 months, now my tab not working properly.
    please advise

  80. Mr Singh Reply

    The icon of this app is showing in download/application in settings, Can I hide it from there also as it can be traced out if someone sees the application/downlaod apps tab in settings.
    Or can I rename it?

    1. Srihari Reply

      Hi Rajiv, Can i know when you have installed it? Can you try downloading/updating the app again from the server (an update was released on 5th Oct afternoon to fix few problems with the app).

  81. Amanda Reply

    I have posted on a few threads. hope someone can help me. all the records show but there is no duration and the calls are 0 bytes. I cannot get any to play even in VLC player. What can I do to hear the recorded files?

  82. Jonh Reply

    I’m using SpyCallRecorde_2 both on Note3 Neo and Mediacom PAD phone but it seems doesn’t work. All the records show but there is no duration and the calls are or 0 bytes or 382kb and I can not get any to play in VLC player. How it is possible?

    1. Srihari Reply

      Unfortunately it looks like current version of app is not supported in your mobile. Will let you know once we release a fix.

  83. Ashvin Ranpariya Reply

    can you tell me please this application working in which smartphone model? I will buy smartphone as per this app work fine. let me know which smartphone did you tested and works fine.
    please let me know this app is free or paid.

    1. Srihari Reply

      Hi Ashvin, Thanks for your interest. The app works on most of the device (tested on Nexus 5, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Samsung S3/S4/S6). But more than device its on Android OS version. The app stops working in some mobile once the OS is upgraded. And might work again when another version is released. I have seen the app not working in Lenovo, Karbonn.

  84. abena Reply

    Hello, I have downloaded the call recorder, spy audio and tracking smart phone app. I get all call details and sms details but both apps don’t record the calls and also I have spy audio installed on phone and nothing happens when I try to pull the calls or record audio.

    Also a sound plays when u try to use spy video please look into this

    1. Srihari Reply

      Both apps together will not work well. One will throw error. Use video recording of Trackingsmartphone itself that will not make any initial sound. Even audio recording should work. Try to record only 20 sec audio and see if you get anything. Kindly specify your mobile model and vendor and OS version for us to debug

  85. ShahRukh Reply

    I have recorded call but when i listen there is too much noise and nothing to listen so please advise how can i fix this ?

  86. ShahRukh Reply

    Also i want to know that tracking smart phone app does work on mobile data because i have tried many times it doesnt upload the data but when i connect wifi its work very wel

  87. Jonh Reply

    How is possible that on my Samsung with Android 4.4.2 your app works very well nd on my Mediacom with tthe same Android version it doesn’t work?!

  88. Shaq Reply

    Call recorder installed successfully and worked fine, but stopped working after just 5 days. Since then, I couldn’t get any call records pulled after clicking on “get call records”.

    1. Srihari Reply

      Hi Shaq, The app even if its stopped will get restarted whenever there is a call. Request you to try the following:

      1. Check “.settings1” folder under SD card to see if you have MP3 files under it.
      2. Open the app on mobile enable notification after every call and try to make a call and see if you get notification of call recorded.

      Have you installed any other call recording app? or have you upgraded your android OS in last 5 days?

  89. Ashu Reply

    Hi Srihari,
    I have few doubts regarding this app, hope you’ll try to resolve..
    1. Is it legal to use this app and if so then why it’s not available on play store?
    2. This app seems to be superb then why its not available as a paid app?
    3. What kind of data with regard to mobile is going to be stored on your servers.

    1. Srihari Reply

      Hi Ashu,

      1. Our apps can be used for Spying. If its used on your own mobile or on authorized device with owner’s permission then its fine, else not legal. Please check our ‘Terms and condition’ before registering. All our apps were on Google Play for more than a year. We were allowing hide icon version for download on our website and hence it was removed by Google Play (After they changed their Policies to restrict usage of spy apps).
      2. We provide the app as is without much support so we don’t charge user. We tried to make it a paid app, but many don’t download if its paid so we decided to allow it for free.
      3. No call records will be pulled automatically by our server. It has to pulled by user himself by logging in. At any given time only 11 records are pulled. It will be on the server as long as you don’t delete it. Once deleted its gone forever. We don’t keep any backup.

      Thanks for your feedback and feel free to use any of our app.


  90. Shaq Reply

    Hi, Srihari! I didn’t install any other call recording
    app nor upgrade my android
    OS in last 5 days. I deleted the app and installed again, it worked fine the first two days and stopped again. Though the target phone is a bit far from me now (in a different city). Does distance affect the effectiveness of the app? Thank you!

  91. kalyan Reply

    Hi Srihari,

    It is a nice app. But wanted to understand some things. Hope you will clarify me.

    1. Can I change the app icon or name in settings–>Apps list ?
    2. I am unable to hear the voice from the other side who is speaking. How to fix that ?
    3. I want an option to hide the app.

    Could you please help me with the queries at the earliest.

  92. Kalyan Reply

    Hi srihari,
    Could you pleass reply as this is very urgent…

    My son came to know that an app with name as remote is a spying app.
    Can u please let me know if u can change the app icon and name when it appears in the settings–> apps ???

    If u can do this I will be really thankful.
    I need ur app with hide icon option.

    Waiting for yiur reply. Thanks in advamce.

      1. Kalyan Reply

        Hi Srihari, could you please help me by changing the app icon and name. Atleast can u reply here if it is not possible. I am waiting for that change. Please help…

          1. Kalyan

            I have installed that. Its working but the name of icon in settings appear as remote. Could you please change the name and icon that appear in setting.. Please help.

  93. Russ Reply

    How come some audio files on the capture phone calls app don’t show a time limit & when I try to play them the usual way I play files with time limits they won’t play? Are they corrupt?

    1. Srihari Reply

      If the calls are not answered by the other party then the call records will not have any time in it (Or if a call from someone is disconnected without answering)

      1. Russ Reply

        These are calls that were answered. Some are as long as 30 minutes I have noticed the file sizes are 6.04 KB so maybe there’s nothing there to play.

  94. James Bond 007 is 000 Reply

    I have installed the app and hidden the icon. Worked nicely for two months. Then today warning notifications started showing “Uninstall harmful app Call Recorder!!!” 🙁

    1. Srihari Reply

      In Nexus 5, Go to Settings -> Google -> Security and uncheck “Scan device for Security threats” and “Improve harmful app detection”.

      For OnePlus, Google Settings->Security->Verify Apps and uncheck Scan devices for security checks

      Similarly there will be other ways in which you can uncheck these in different mobile and prevent those popups.

  95. suzen Reply

    how to hide this app from application manager in android phones beacuse i can see the app there in application manager

  96. بودى Reply

    عند سماع التسجيل اسمع صوتى انا فقط ولا اسمع صوت الشخص الذى اتحدث اليه اطلاقا علما بان هذه المشكله كانت تواجهنى فى كول ريكوردر ريموت من قبل ولا اجد لها جل هل يوجد حل ضرورى جدا

  97. بودى Reply

    الرجاء الرد فى اقرب وقت لانى انتظر الرد منكم بفارف الصبر عند سماع التسجيل اسمع صوتى انا فقط ولا اسمع صوت الشخص الذى اتحدث اليه علما باننى ثبت التطبيق على هاتفى اكثر من مره ونفس المشكله موجوده عند التجربه وتحميل التسجيل من على الموقع اجد صوتى انا فقط ولا اجد صوت الشخص الذى اتحدث اليه هل يوجد حل لهذه المشكله

  98. Suzen Reply

    Hello my question is will it work for Sony xpera ZL . Will I be able to hear both side voice because I tried in Samsung note 3 neo bit I could only hear one side voice pls reply asap

  99. Sudheer Reply

    hellooo srihari,

    it is a great app that i have ever seen for monitoring android phones with free of cost, thanks a lot. but recently i changed my phone note -2 to Note-3 and its not working properly. call recorder and as well as spy audio too, sometimes if i give the command for 5 minuets recording, it will updated. but regularly its not happening.

    Hope u can solve this issue as soon as possible.

  100. bhasskar Reply

    I have downloaded it on my moto e 2and gen cell , couple of days it worked but suddenly stopped and not even opening if I dialed *888* , unable to listen the calls using vlc player. pls help

  101. VB Reply

    Hi Admin

    If I click on Get Call Records when targets phone mobile data is off, will I get records when ever the phone switches on mobile data…?

  102. Indrajeet Sarkar Reply

    when i use this app in Samsung S3, S4 and S2 and in LG Nexus 5 phones, should the internet connection will always on. or it works when net connection is not active.

  103. VB Reply

    Hi admin

    Will this work… if target phone is in different city also.. I installed app in one phone, yest. day that phone went to different city from then am not getting call records… I clicked on get call records multiple times… but no use..

  104. Adu David Reply

    Hello Admin. I want to commend you for the great work on this app and several other apps for mobile spying and tracking. Though, i will like to make a suggestion to this call recorder and that of the all compass programme one that has all in one.

    When it is installed and you hide it presence from the setting tab, the icon will be hidden and when you dail *888* or *999* as the others, the settings window will appear for you to unhide the icon to appear on the phone making it visible and with it visible it can be uninstalled. With this, the target phone owner can use the above code to make it visible and uninstall it, because the target phone owner may also have read through your app information on the net and discover that with this codes they can make the icon visible and uninstall the programme.

    I will suggest you make the dail code a personal choice for individual to use whatever code number to hide the icon, for instance, if i need to unhide it, i should be able to use my personal code number, not the usuall *888* or *999* which is commonly known by most people who have one way or the other browse for spy mobile program and read through your app info.

    i am only just suggesting, and if its possible it will be an improvement, I have had my target phone user uninstall the app several times simply because he can use the regular above code to make the icon visible and quickly uninstall it. Make this aspect of unhide code a choice of personal number that the user can input and will be known to him alone to get to the settings.

    Any feedback will be appreciated and will like to see this improvement in the near future. Have a wonderful day. Nice app, keep the good work on.

  105. Serban Adrian Reply

    Man , u are the best. All 3 sound recorder, video recorder , call recorder works like a charm!!!!!!!!
    But …
    I can make u some suggestions pls? Like, change the apps names in some other names, like system apps ( ex: Knox Warranty avoid – for call recorder), and icons the same ? They apear in apps manager , and :/ u know Spy Video Recorder :/ with that ICO ..sugest some people to untistall them, plus if u can change the dir installation directly in system 🙂 (so when the person is factory reset the phone, the records, and the e mail plus settings remain always in phone until u pulled out with root priv.

  106. bhagwat phad Reply

    The app was working fine before some days.
    Suddenly it stopped recording calls. I have no clue why is so.
    Is there any limitation on no. of calls recording/
    like only free for 1 month, 2 month and then we need to buy?

    1. Srihari Reply

      In the above file 02-28-12-05-59 is the time of the call. Its Month-Day-Hour-Minute-Seconds. Hope its clear.

  107. Balaa Reply

    I would like to get the clear details on this, 1) how to install it to VICTIM’s mobile, without knowing them. 2)If the app is hidden or visible on screen. 3)Does it is required internet connection to get the details on Dashboard ? 4) how to pull records without knowing victim……..

    1. Srihari Reply

      You need to get access to mobile and install the app by visiting the site and downloading the apk.
      App can be hidden on the screen.
      It requires internet connection to push data to server else its not needed.
      You can pull records the user will not know about it.

  108. sanjay Reply

    this application very nice and running good please tell he i want to hide the application icon from the phone in which i had installed becoze it might delete by the user please help me

  109. Digi Reply

    Can i directly take the records from target phone and ply? Because target phone is not connected to internet. In this case can i transfer the recordings from the target to ply? Target phone is available for me to transfer files, thats why i am asking.
    Plz answer.
    Your App is damn good but only thing is it is visible in Applications. i downloaded new version also but it seems that phone getting slow. then i again installed older version.

  110. Ravi Reply

    Hello Sir,

    I observed one problem in RedMi 2 Prime handset. Max call recording is for 10 mins. It failed to record after 10 mins. Please check sir

  111. Maddy Reply

    The Recorder just stopped working. I don’t know the reason but I feel that probably the reason is that Antivirus was installed on the target mobile phone.
    So my question is that does this application won’t work with anitvirus?
    Kindly reply.

    1. Srihari Reply

      Some Anti-Virus might detect it as a spy app. You need to disable it and even disable Google security alert which pops-up after every reboot.

  112. Ashish Reply

    Is it not possible to change this app in such manner instead of uploading file on server , the recorded conversation become password protected at a specific location in mobile itself.

    1. Srihari Reply

      The app records all calls in the mobile itself under SD card, under “.settings1” folder. You dont have to pull the files to server to access it, you can just use apps like “File Explorer” to browse through the call logs.

  113. APD Reply

    Kindly let me know if the downloaded file (instalation file) can be deleted upon successful registration. Also let me know the call recorder icon shows in the Apps (all). The user of the mobile will know there is a recorder installed.

    1. Srihari Reply

      You can uninstall the installation file (.apk) once its installed. Call recorder once hidden will not be visible on the app drawer. It will only be visible on the app list (Under Settings)

    1. Srihari Reply

      You should get notification mail after few calls reminding you that app is installed and calls are being recorded.

    1. Srihari Reply

      App records all calls even with no internet. To pull to server you need internet. Even if there is no internet on mobile when you request for pull the notification will be sent to device when the device gets online.

  114. mudit Reply

    hey hi…
    I’m trying it to use this app on my gf’s phone will this app work on one plus one mobiles

    1. Srihari Reply

      Unfortunately we don’t have it for iPhone yet. And in iPhone the phone has to rooted to install these kind of apps.

  115. Priti Reply


    I have been using your app for about a month now…for the last two weeks the call records are not there when I sign in using my email and pin. It was working before but then I am not sure what happened. The app is still on my phone and the notifications are still coming to my email stating that over 400 records have been pulled. But when i sign in on the website to listen to them it does not show the records for me to download them and listen to them. If you could help me with this I would greatly appreciate it!



    1. Srihari Reply

      Notification to your mail tells you that there are 400 records in your mobile to be pulled. Those will not be pulled automatically, you need to login and click on “Get Call Records” only then it will appear in your login. Let me know if you are able to pull records. Also please note that only 10 records will be pulled at once. You need to pull several times to pull all 400.

  116. FP Reply

    Is there any way that we can hide the Call Recorder from app list. Target easily identifying that the calls are recording on phone.

  117. rajesh Reply

    hi srihari
    it is very use full app. and you have done very good job in this field.i would like to thank you for this appriciable work.

    I am using it on samsung duos 2.please let me know about the result if i would have installed tracking smartphone all in one app along with spy call recorder in the same target phone…will it do some thing non sence …bexouse i am not getting of proper recorded call. many times i will get very long time recorded file but with no sound.and may times it is doing good. some files found in spy call and some are in all in one and some are in both and some are not found in both.

    thanks waiting response..

    1. Srihari Reply

      Yes, it will create problem as both will try to record calls when a call comes and only one will be able to acquire mic for recording and other will fail with an error. Use with call recording enabled.

      1. Rainne Reply

        Ok so when i push the button to pull the calls it says that the command was not received by the phone and that the user might have uninstalled the app but i had the phone in my hand for only like a minute and i was able to go to the setting app list and it is still installed but the phone was then taken back from me so what could be causing this error

  118. M.E Reply

    I have installed call recorder app and it was working very well but suddenly stopped although the app still lying at application manager with good status but also I can get it through dialing *888*
    Please support me to know what’s the reason

    1. Srihari Reply

      Hi, What exactly you mean by “Stopped Suddenly”, did the app stopped recording calls or did it failed to upload to server when requested? Check “.settings1” folder in mobile’s SD card to check if calls are getting recorded. If not then check settings in the app, make sure call recording is enabled. If calls are present then try to pull again from server when the device is connected to internet.

      Another reason could be some battery saving app might stop this app from running in background, you might want to remove or disable that in that case.

  119. crac Reply

    I’m not receiving any emails with the recordings after requesting them but know there are files to receive can you advise on what the issue may be please?

    1. Srihari Reply

      If there are recordings in mobile and app is not uninstalled you should have been able to see it in your login. Are you sure device has active internet?

  120. rajesh menon Reply

    hi,i have downloaded the records. but my older records play ” grrrrrrrrrrrrrr” sound only.but currently running files working good..(the mobile was using in saudi arabia and it was working fine..then we went india .all call records are recorded during this time and download the files .,but showing this i came back to saudi start using the mobile and from the first day its working. but still the records from india not working .kindly help mei
    is there any option to upload one sample file to send to you.

  121. jayanth Reply

    anyone tell ma a app that can control my phone totally remotely (without any pop ups or notifications in my phone)

  122. elena Reply

    hi, I’m not familiar with internet & apps (at all) and this is why i’m having trouble to get the “remote call recorder” app installed on mobile, so please help me out. I read the instructions (twice) and this is the steps i took:
    1. I accessed the site ( from the mobile
    2. I clicked on “Download URL: Click here”. This took me to “Call recorder_7 Download (2.57MB)”. The problem is that in the instructions you say that i should “download the hide icon version directly from website to mobile” and i can’t see “hide icon version” anywhere. Thanks a lot for your time and help!PS: i’m asking for your help because i want to install this app on my daughter’s mobile and, although she’s only 13, she’s very good at internet, apps and this kind of things and…, so, i wouldn’t want to do smth wrong and…get caught. Thanks again

    1. Srihari Reply

      We only have hide icon version as of now. So the app you downloaded is the right one. You install the app, register and hide the icon from settings. Try it in your mobile couple of times before installing on other’s mobile.

  123. Asif Reply

    Thanks for this wonderful app
    I installed hide icon v (spy call recorder 7.apk) on samsung note 3 running jelly bean 4.3 & on samsung S5 running lollipop
    On note 3 its running absolutely fine
    But on S5 its recording n saving files on phone memory fine n clear but when I pull from web I receive only few seconds of the recorted calls with clear voice like 50 to 90 secs despite for any duration of call
    Yah there is no battery saver active
    No antivirus
    No other call recorder is active
    Please help me on this

    1. Srihari Reply

      Hi, so in mobile its stored properly with whole duration and when pulled in website you can play upto 50 to 90 secs only? That i dont think its possible. It should have played the same way as it plays on mobile as files are not truncated during upload. Can you confirm once again? Thanks.

      1. Asif Reply

        I got the full length of voice recording both in phone momory & from web in my samsung note 3 ( though most calls are partly recorted like missing from beginning or from end)
        But on samsung s5 facing same prob like missing frm beginning or end or both in ph memory but in case of web pull only few sec/mins of recorded calls are uploaded like 250-300kb though the original file was more than 2mb on phone
        I tured off the google security check, battery saver n no antivirus is installed
        Yeah I have another recorder instead but its not enabled
        One more thing I trackmyphones 10 apk n its recording calls n saving in phone momorey wt same prob calls are partially recorded & its not uploading on server though I send command frm dashboard several times for several days
        Other functions are working good like call n sms contacts or location n even gallery pic

  124. Trackmail Reply

    1)How to stop the notifications “Application Record Failed”,
    Since message was appeared in my parter mobile… so now she suspecting that someting wrong…
    2)Then more question any other way to change the unhide code instead of *888*
    3)Partner feel mobile gets too much hot… can i know when recording will happend or when i request only at time time mobile will feel hot

    Please clarify my doubts

    1. Srihari Reply

      1. Which device you are using? You get that error while pulling record or while recording calls?
      2. Right now its hardcoded to *888*. Will check if this can be made optional in future release.
      3. The app only wakes up when there is a call or when there is a request for pull. So it should not cause mobile to heat up.

  125. Marian Reply

    Hi srihari!
    First I want to thank you for these great apps!
    Is there any possibility to change the name of the application, image or to hide in aplication manager on the Samsung S6 edge (android 6.01)? The target application for “remote call recorder” found in Aplication manager and removed it. It has a fairly predictable an suspicios name, something record. I know that the application is hiding, so I did but can find a solution for Aplication manager.
    It’s a great app and it works perfectly!
    Sorry for my bad english and thanck you very much!

  126. shailesh Reply

    dear srihari,
    i am using this app in my target phone Samsung J7 from last four months Initially it was working very well, But the last few days it is not working properly, primary 8-10 files will be pulled, then other recorded files until not pulled when phone is not restarted. once restart the target phone again 8-10 recordings pulled then not working until not restart the phone.


  127. Vamsi Reply

    Hi Srihari

    Thanks for the app.

    Recently after the Marshmallow update on Motorola G3 i am getting “Application Record Failed” popup with ok button to close, after every call.

    I have tried excluding this app from battery saving list and i don’t have any other battery saving app installed on my phone.

    Any Pointers?

    1. Srihari Reply

      Can you check if proper access is given to the app. Go to settings -> apps -> remote and tap on privilages, make sure everything is enabled.

  128. Sunita chopra Reply

    Hii.first tym I used the app hidden call recorder….which helps me a lot..but after 7 days it was stopped…..can I use this app on the same no….will it be downloaded for the same…..

  129. Amit Reply

    Sir it is not properly working in honor 6x mobile. I can only able to pull one file. After that file it is not working. It is not working now,after many calls it kept no new record. Plz help.

    1. Srihari Reply

      Are there files in .settings1 folder in SD card? can you try the troubleshooting steps mentioned above and let me know where its failing?

  130. R n patel Reply

    This app is not working in lenove vibe k5….
    I have tried to install this file several times.. Even if i have formated the phone, turn off security features but still it would not work so plz try to solve this issue and plz update

    1. Srihari Reply

      Well you need to specify whats not working else i will not understand. Is the app not getting installed? or getting installed but not recording calls? or recording calls but not getting pulled online? or getting pulled but not playing? Please try troubleshooting tips mentioned above and let me know.

  131. shweta Reply

    hello sir… i am very much happy with the service you are providing. i am able to get all the call records from victims mobile. thank you for wonderful support..
    but one more request can you plz update the service to record data calls or voice data calls through internet. please please please…

  132. Nader Reply

    Unfortunately,Recorder has Stopped

    I installed version 9.
    But I got the above message, my phone is Smasung Galaxy S4.

    What I need to do.

  133. Nader Reply

    Hello i use RemoteCallRecorder 9 in smasung S4
    It worked very well for a month.
    Now, it gives a message Recorder stopped to record. How can I fix’s this problem.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Srihari Reply

      Can you try and reinstall the app? Also try to clear storage from Mobile Settings -> Apps -> Recorder -> Storage -> Clear Storage, and then install/register to the app. This should solve the problem.

  134. Islander Reply

    First let me say this is a great app. I have a problem I hope you can help.
    I installed the app on a Samsung Galaxy S4 android and a Samsung Galaxy mini S4 android phone. It works wonderfully with the mini and I am able to download and listen to the calls. However, with the Samsung Galaxy, even though I am able to pull the call its not playing. I get a ‘corrupt file’ error for all the calls when I try to open them, so I am not able to listen to any of them (with VLC). All files no matter how ‘long’ the call is, downloads as 32 bytes. I uninstalled and reinstalled it. the phone doesn’t have SD card. Help please. Thanks.

  135. Shawmik Reply

    Please help, I have installed the app but can’t register. After putting email and password, It is saying “Loading. Please wait…” and nothing is happening then. It’s loading all the time. Please help me

  136. 245790 Reply

    hello sir, its undoubtedly awesome app… i helped me a lot… my request is can u give an option to change *888* to some number as we wish…. i mean customising/change the code as we wish… bcoz i suspect the victim has found the app and operating it as they wish… if i have the control to open the app with my own password means more useful… or else can u provide an option to see login timings of the app. so wen ever they go into app and change it means i can know it with loggin timing… please do the needful as soon as possible bro….

    thank u thank u thank u soooooo much

  137. Rahul Reply

    Wow!!! Nice work. I have installed in my Redmi Note 3 and it’s working perfectly. I’m getting proper recording in my mail now I can keep track on my children. But only problem is I get proper recording when my mob net speed is good. But still no issues till now.

  138. Rahul Reply

    There is one more thing I forget to mention I have tried mobile location software also but there is no way to hide this apk just like call recorder.Hiding this mobile location apk is also very imp specially I case of stolen or keeping records of children’s location. It will be very grateful if you upgrade this apk again with hidden features.

  139. rajesh Reply

    Sir i found a record file in cloud but no duration is shown..but it is downloaded by 1.5 mb size.but cant play..please suggest can this file be repaired.

  140. Jem Reply

    Hi Srihari, amazing work and amazing app. I saw one of the comment that can it record Whatsapp call records? The comment was back in 2015.

    Do you have any update regarding this? Is the new version able to record the whatsapp calls?

    Other than that, its working perfectly fine.

  141. Nader Reply

    I use this app in J7 2017
    Everything is ok but, I cant hear the voice from other side, I just listen the voice from my phone.
    I checked up the option Increase the mic volume but, didnt help me.
    Nothing changed.
    Thanks in advance

  142. Nadya Bonthor Reply

    After reading how your softwarres works, you mention they somehow has complexion and may not working properly if installed together. How is your experience when Remote Audio Spy and Remote Call Recorder installed together in same phone. Thanks for your reply

    1. Srihari Reply

      Both installed in same should work together. But if an audio capture request is running during a call, the call recorder might not run at the same time in some mobile.

  143. Rafer Janders Reply

    May the heavens thank you for your good works. I now have peace of mind. Since installing spycall, i now know the past history about my subject and ongoing relationships and infidelities. It fun to listen to ongoing conversations. Please how do you donate towards such a good cause?

    1. Srihari Reply

      It works only on Android Phones. In Apple phones secret call recording is not possible. User has to manually start and stop recording before and after call. App cannot run in background as in Android.

  144. KUmar Reply

    Hi Hari,

    Thanks for providing an wonderful app.For most of the call i can able to see the file and for few call , i can see the call went and conversation is for more than 3 minutes and it was not recorded.It says file has 4 KB when i download

    So the Wifi should be always to be there to record the calls?.Can you help me understanding.


    1. Srihari Reply

      Hi Kumar, Are you using any other recorder in parallel with this? you can’t use 2 recorders at the same time, it will start generating small files as one will not get access to microphone and end instantly.

  145. KUmar Reply

    Thanks for the response hari. But eventually i can able to capture the other call history and only few numbers this issue is happening.If other recorder is in place, it will happen to all numbers rite?


  146. KUmar Reply

    Hi Hari,

    One more quick question, i can see one specific call entry is not in the list.Is there a way user knows and he can avoid those calls by not recording or by deleting from his mobile?


    1. Srihari Reply

      It’s not possible to not record specific calls. The app either records all calls or nothing (depends on settings). But its possible to go to “.settings1” folder and delete specific call files.

  147. intaj Reply

    Hello Hari,

    Thanks for making these apps which are really very helpful.
    I was trying the get the app for iPhone, is there is any version for iphone?

    1. Srihari Reply

      iPhone doesn’t allow background running of apps so we cannot develop similar apps. iPhone has call recorder app but not automatic. There will be a button which you need to manually click to record a call if required.

    1. Srihari Reply

      Yes it should work. Please note redmi might be having its own recorder app which needs to be disabled. and also background running of apps needs to enabled (by default its disabled). All these are mentioned in the troubleshooting steps above.

  148. Arjun Reply

    Hi Hari,

    I installed this call recorder app in Honor 9 lite fon and after 2 days it stopped working. and i again try to reinstall it on device then it wasn’t open. can’t access or open app in device now.

    pls hep me to get open it in device again and how to get call details again?

      1. Arjun Reply

        Hi Hari,

        Thanks for your update. now it is perfectly working.
        One more thing i want to know, is there any option to change hide key(*888*).
        Default hide key is *888*. can we change it if somebody got to knew about this code?
        Your prompt response is highly appreciated.

        Again thanks for your assistance.

          1. Srihari

            *888* is the fixed key as of now. It wont appear in call history. Will check if it can be made configurable in the next release.

    1. Srihari Reply

      To remove the app from device, go to Settings -> Apps -> Look for Recorder and click on Uninstall. Then you can download again and install and register.

      Before uninstall try if the app opens when you dial *888*.

  149. bharti Reply

    hello sir is this app free? and in 1 day can i get maximum call records of the person on my email id ….if he does unlimited calls in a day or in the whole night can i get all all details on my email id daily …

  150. Sudhan Reply

    Hi Hari
    Call for duration more than 1 hour can be recorded?. If so what is the max duration.
    How am i suppose to get the call from the phone if it is not pulled from server, I am not using SD card.

    1. Srihari Reply

      There is no restriction on the duration of call. Call of any duration should get recorded. You can connect USB cable and copy the “.settings1” directory. It will be in main folder. You can use some File explorer app to browse the folder on the device.

  151. Sandeep Reply

    If net is not on then will it record the call and if it records then whenever net will be on it will be sent to cloud storage or email

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