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The best all in one Tracking App / Spy Software / Parental Control / Anti Theft Solution is now free. There are many apps in market which provides half the features what TrackingSmartphone Provides but none of them is free, most of them charge upto $50 per month.

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Download URL: Click Here

Use of TrackingSmartphone App:

Protection from Theft:
Use it to ring loud siren when someone tries to unlock your phone and fails. Take picture from front camera and send it to your registered mail id. If the SIM is changed get SMS from new number to your family/friend’s phone.

Parental Control
Use it to keep a tab on the places visited by your children, Pages browsed on mobile, SMS sent/received, Calls made including audio of calls and location details, Change pin of mobile when you feel its time your kid stops using mobile and more.

Spy Software
If you think your Spouse / Boyfriend / Girlfriend is being unfaithful and want to monitor them for few days use our app, enable Stealth mode and you can monitor everything remotely.


Following are the features of Spy Call Recorder:
✔ Call and SMS Logs with Location
✔ Record Call as MP3 and stream it online.
✔ Capture audio upto 30 Min
✔ Capture 20 Sec Video from front or back camera
✔ Get Gallery / WhatsApp / downloaded Picture
✔ Get Gallery / WhatsApp / downloaded Videos
✔ Get Browser History
✔ Get Application List
✔ Get Contact List
✔ Lock screen Remotely
✔ Change Pin remotely
✔ Vibrate / Ring Alarm / Show Message / initiate a call all remotely
✔ Get Location history of places visited
✔ Get Device info of battery, wifi and Location status.
✔ Hide Icon Completely
✔ Uninstall protection
✔ Enable Mobile Internet via SMS
✔ SIM Change notification via SMS
✔ Ring Siren and Take Picture when multiple unsuccessful unlock attempt is made.
✔ Control all features via SMS commands.

Srihari Karanth is an active developer and Founder of TrackMyPhones. He is a former Software Architect in Global MNC. He now works on building new innovative mobile applications and websites. You can reach him at



  1. singh Reply

    In hide version the settings icon is visible on screen.
    Is it not possible that recorder file is also in hidden mode.otherwise the app is superb…..
    What about whatsapp calls recording.kindly work on it urgently….

  2. Kavitha Reply

    Hi Srihari,
    I’m using your (TrackingSmartphone_Hidden) app. It is working as intended. I earlier installed it on a Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, which is no more. Later I installed it on a Samsung Grand Prime. I used the same email for registering on both devices. When I login to the website (, I’m able to see both devices. Today, I wanted to remove the earlier (Grand 2) device and on it’s page I clicked the “Delete account” button. It unfortunately deleted all my data for both phones and unregistered me from both phones. When I tried logging back into the website, it is asking me to register. However, the target phone (Grand Prime) is still replying when I SMS it for the last 5 calls. Request you to please help restore my login and account. Please advise.


    1. Srihari Reply

      Delete Account will delete the account itself. To remove one device you need to click on ‘Delete Device’ button. From server it would be removed, but SMS will work as its not removed from mobile. Request you to uninstall the app and install and register again. That’s the only way to reactivate it.


      1. arshad Reply

        sir if the app installed mobile will be format then the app will be work without installing on that mobile …….?????

        1. Srihari Reply

          If mobile is formatted (or factory reset), then the app needs to be installed again. Formatting will remove all apps.

    1. Srihari Reply

      Hi Jacklwc, Unlocking/locking phone has got nothing to do with this app. Or i didn’t understand your question maybe?

    1. Srihari Reply

      Hi Borhan, Do you mean once requested its taking more than 48 hours to get response? If it call records you need to pull multiple times. each time only 10 records are pulled.

  3. Borhan Reply

    Thanks Sriharifor your quick reply,“Gallery Pics, Captured Pics, VideoFiles, Audio Recordings “. I am not getting this 4 iteams data. sometimes it takes 48 hours,And most of the time data is not be uploaded to my account..

    1. Srihari Reply

      Sorry couldn’t reply. Can you tell your mobile model? It shouldn’t have taken that long. Are you sure the device has active internet at all times? And there are no battery saver app that is killing our app?

  4. ernie Reply

    On the galaxy core prime. Something is poping up on screen saying.. Uninstall the settings app. It can be use to spy on you. Can you fix that?

    2. do I need to clear the dashboard sometimes? Or does it delete automatically? Thanks

    1. Srihari Reply

      1. Thats from an automated Google Security. You can disable it by tapping on “Dont show me again” check box when next time it appears.
      2. We request you to clear it periodically. We clear old records only once in few months

  5. snb Reply

    i need to use this app but, pls tell me how this will operate. it always record calls in background all we need to give command.

    1. Srihari Reply

      Calls are recorded in background and stored locally in one folder in your mobile, to pull it to server you need to login to server and initiate the command.

    1. Srihari Reply

      Its in SD card under the name “.settings”. You can download “File Explorer” App from Google Play if cannot find ways to browse to that directory.

    1. Srihari Reply

      Thanks satish. Good to hear that its fixed. WhatsApp tracking is not easy, all messages are encrypted, we need to implement keyboard keys detection to understand what the user is typing when WhatsApp is open, thats the only way. But that will eat up battery like anything as it has to run continuously.

    1. Srihari Reply

      Its working now. Google had incorrectly flagged it as a malware since few weeks. Finally managed to get the warning removed today.

  6. abena Reply

    Hello. I installed the tracking smartphone app on target device and I enabled call recording everything works but call recording and audio recording. When I issue the command nothing happens. I also have call recorder and remote audio installed on the same phone. It’s a galaxy S6 Edge. None of the other apps work right. Can you please help. Awesome job guys!!!

  7. Meral Reply

    Please can you make the unhide code editable so the user can change it
    Because many people if they want to check their phone from any tracking app they try this code

    It would be better to put an option to change the code

  8. Aakash Reply

    Installed new app but it Only shows 5 calls recording in dashboard…. and that also 1st 5 calls .. Eg.. If there are 10 calls .. 5 of yesterday and 5 of todays .. it only pulls only 5 calls of yesterday .. Please suggest if need to check somewhere else or need to set any property to resolve.

  9. Nur Reply

    Hello i installed and its work, but some how when i click record in the website i could not do it it said the user might be uninstalled from phone. Probably the user uninstalled because the google security tell to uninstall app. And i tried again to install to the user phone it done but i could not find in the application menu and when i dial *666# nothing happen it mean the app is not installed. I repeated but still the same it said done without having access to the app. The open button is disabled when finish installation. Anything that i must do? Thanks

  10. awena Reply

    Program works well before, but Since three days does not find its content ، With the programs it is still installed on Mobile ، So where does the problem

    1. Srihari Reply

      Have you disabled security scan by google? I think the app might have been removed by google security scan. Check it and let me know.

  11. Amit Reply

    Hi Srihari,
    Software is working fine.
    Whenever I send command to get SMS and call details,it provides. It also calls to another number remotely and is able to change the PIN.
    The only problem I’m facing is the call records. These records are visible in. settings folder but they are not visible on server. Phone is 24X7 on WiFi or on data. I have even tried to send command by login into but still records are not visible on server.
    What should I do? kindly help.

    1. Srihari Reply

      Did you try pulling the records by selecting “Get Call Records” button on UI? The app doesnt push anything to server it has to be pulled manually.

  12. Joel let haddad Reply

    Dear Srihari

    I have installed the app on HTC one M8 dual sim mobile but unfortunately it doesn’t work most of the time. Most of the calls, sms’s, location are not registered on the website, I have access to the phone I found out that the app doesn’t work properly and the call recordings as well not all of the them are saved and the ones that are saved the app only saves part of the call not the entire call & most of the call recordings there is no phone number showing, is there any possibility to fix this problem to show the numbers of incoming and outgoinh? last thing when I execute the capture audio 95% of the time it never captures the audio nor the video.
    Please help me out and tell me what can I do to make the app work all the time. There is Internet connection the whole time and no battery saver app. Is there any possibility to monitor WhatsApp as well?
    Would really appreciate any support from your side.

    Thanks in advance.

  13. blacklist Reply

    nice app man. hope you can add spying cam on real time like livestream from front or back phone camera. btw thanks

  14. KK Reply

    Hi Srihari,

    I have few questions-
    Does this work without data service on the phone?
    Will the user get to know about this software?
    Whenever user get any alert while being tracked?
    Once paired will all the information is auto tracked or should we send command to get the information we intend to?


    1. Srihari Reply

      Does this work without data service on the phone? – Yes. But only to pull data else app will be running in background to capture all details.
      Will the user get to know about this software? – Not if you hide the icon, disable security alerts and disable anti-virus alerts.
      Whenever user get any alert while being tracked? – No, no notification is disabled by the app.
      Once paired will all the information is auto tracked or should we send command to get the information we intend to? – No record is send to server, you have to pull it manually by logging in to website.

  15. Samuel Reply

    Hi Srihari,
    I came across this site by chance. Got interested in this app. I am not App savvy. I wanna give as gift a mobile phone to my 8yrs old kid. I think it would be wise of me to install some kind of App if any into the phone before giving. I just wanna know his movement and location just like any parent would. Kindly, advice.

  16. Ossama Reply

    hello Srihari
    first i would like to thank you for that great software
    it’s really amazing software with all features + it still free till now 🙂
    i have a little problem with SMS commands
    while sending SMS commands it go directly for the main phone SMS app show the command and the replay ( command executed successfully )
    testing is on Lenovo A5000 , SW Ver 5.0.2
    thank you

  17. Ramya Reply

    I installed this app inmy husband mobile… since three months it worked fine, but now suddenly it stopped working… even i can’t open app with *666*… but in application manager am able to see the app with name settings… if i tried to uninstall also those force stop and uninstall buttons were disabled… by mistake in website i deleted my account instead of deleting device… what to do now… how to get it back… please help me….

    1. Srihari Reply

      Go to Device administrator in mobile (under settings) and uncheck “Settings” app after that you can remove app from Settings -> Apps. And download and install again.

    2. Ossama Reply

      i think you need to check Google Settings.
      go to Google Settings > Security > Verify Apps
      and uncheck the box for ( Scan Device For Security Threats)

  18. Vicky Reply

    I use your app but there is a problem when record video the mobile make a sound like ringing …. and there is another problem the mark on verfy app icom i remove it and get back again so i can’t use the programme …how can i record video without getting sound on the target mobile and the problemof verfy app how to solve it

    1. Srihari Reply

      The sound during recording of video is a security feature of android, I tried to mask it but android doesnt allow me to do anything abt it. I didnt get your second problem, what you mean by removing “verify app icon”, seems to be some third party security / virus scan app you have installed on your phone.

  19. Toni Reply

    Hi , the audio feature worked super but when i wanted to download an audio i couldnt because it appeared: inernal error request id host

    Reply me please

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