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Track calls made to and from your or your dependent’s mobile and SMS sent or received from your mobile along with the location of the mobile.

Use Call and SMS Tracker app to keep track of the calls and sms. Track all the calls made or received and also all the SMS sent or received along with their locations. To check the Calls and SMS, you have to launch the app and click on “View” buttons. No need to turn on the GPS. This application works even without GPS. When GPS is disabled, the application collects location info using GPRS/Wi-Fi and hence the impact on battery is minimal.

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How it works
If you suspect your boyfriend / girlfriend is cheating on you and you want to keep track of the calls made and SMS messages, simply install the hide icon version of the app and keep track of all activities remotely.
– Install the app and register by entering Email ID and a PIN
– Enable the check box to enable tracking of Calls and SMS on your device. To collect location info select the check box below it as well.
– You can see your mobile tracks by visiting the website and entering your Email ID and PIN in the Login screen. You need to click on “Get Details” button to pull details from your mobile. Call and SMS details will not be pushed to server automatically.

NOTE: The “Use Wireless Location” in Settings->Location should be enabled for obtaining the location of the device
There could be an error of around 100 metres in some areas.

Unhide Icon
To unhide app icon dial *777* from your mobile dial pad.

Please note the location shown in the dashboard is of the mobile in which the app is installed. Its not possible to show location of the caller as the information will not be available to the device.

Srihari Karanth is an active developer and Founder of TrackMyPhones. He is a former Software Architect in Global MNC. He now works on building new innovative mobile applications and websites. You can reach him at



    1. Thobhanbha Sumaniya Reply

      Sir muje English nai aati to please muje koun si application download krni pdegi jis se mei sms call logs trekking kr sku. .dusre ka ho ske to muje mere bataye

    1. Srihari Reply

      It gives the information of the mobile on which the app is installed. It will not have location details of the other person.

  1. Masoud Reply

    this is a great app, but is there any way to hide app icon, like your other apps, ie by dialing something like *888* ?

  2. Gaurav Reply

    Hi great job by you! Can you please answer. Does it show details of deleted calls also already installed app in device?

  3. Moses Jamiru Reply

    Sir Mr.Sirihari,
    Thanks a lot for such a wonderful help to people in need of it.
    Can I scan two phones on one Laptop a nokia Lumia 630 and Iphone 4s for tracking?


    1. Srihari Reply

      Hi, Which app you are referring to? WhatsApp? or Call SMS Tracker? Call SMS Tracker works only on Android Phone. If its whatsapp that you want to track then i suggest use 2 different browsers one for each device. That way the session will not expire.

    1. Srihari Reply

      Sorry, old feature phone doesn’t allow apps to record calls in background. Even in iPhone its not possible unless the device is rooted.

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