Enable/Disable “Draw over other apps” Notification in Android

Apps which run in background but need access to few resources like camera/screen layout will require “Draw/Display over other apps” Permission.

But this could be annoying when the sticky notification always appear when you swipe down your top menu, especailly when we already know that the app is not harmful.

These kind of notification appears in Apps like Messenger (facebook), PayTM, Lookout, etc.

Below is the way to disable/re-enable it when needed:

Enable/Disable “Draw over other apps” Notification in Android on Android P (Pie):

1. Once app is installed and is running with permission to display over other app, it shows notification when its swiped down

2. Long tap on that to get “Minimise” option. Click on it to display further notification from that app. The apps notification will no longer will be shown.

3. If you want to get the notification back, you will either need to re-install the app or for Android P, follow the below process. Go to Settings -> And search for “Android”, You will see “Android System” in the list. Click on it.

4. Click on “Notification”

5. This will display list of apps for which the notification is enabled/disabled. You can choose to enable back if the disabled.

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